Dr. Bruce Fischer

Candidate for:
South Carolina House
of Representatives
(District 56)

Election date: 11/3/20

Contact Info

Fischer for SC House 56
P.O. Box 3
Longs, South Carolina 29568

Phone: (843)231-9935

I will be your voice in the South Carolina House of Representatives

Hello Friends,

My name is Bruce Fischer and like many who were born outside of the beautiful State of South Carolina I was fortunate enough to be able to come to live where my heart really belongs, in Longs, South Carolina, and this is where I have been a resident for the past 11 years. While I was born in New York State, South Carolina is my home.

I joined the Army in 1966, went through helicopter flight training and was deployed to Vietnam in 1968, just in time for the Tet Offensive. Upon my return from overseas I became a flight instructor, and I served there until my honorable release from active duty in 1970. I went on to earn my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Stony Brook University and continued serving the needs of patients in private practice and in several large hospital systems back home and here in South Carolina. I have 2 grown children whom I love very much.

I proudly ran for the Democratic nomination for Congress (SC-07) in 2018. I am a dedicated, service-minded individual, convinced that we can all work together for the betterment of our community, our County and our State. I am an Equal Rights and Civil Rights for all proponent.

I am currently concerned about the proposed Bill in the Columbia which would allow lesser-qualified, non-certified teachers to be hired by schools, when the schools in our State have traditionally performed in the lower ranks as compared to other States. Is this really what we want? Teachers here in Horry County are rightfully concerned about the pending legislation. We cannot lower our educational standards, nor teacher compensation, and rationally expect students to improve or succeed. These are our children. I therefore support the inclusion of teacher-proposed amendments to the current legislation, as I will for any and all future Education legislation in the State and at the local level.

I also am concerned over the unfettered growth in Horry County. Growth is good in general for businesses and worker salaries, which I want to support vigorously. However, there needs to be proper planning that takes into account the geographic constraints and the limits imposed by inadequate infrastructure. We need consistent growth, as opposed to a boom and bust economy.

We have seen an increase in flooding over the past few years. Adding more pavement increases the amount of runoff which may only worsen the problem, but with thorough planning we can minimize this effect. Traffic along the Grand Strand in the winter is now almost as congested as it is during peak tourist season. We must effectively plan upgrades in our roads and highways in order to handle the current traffic volumes, as well as the anticipated increases, so as to enhance service to residents with the least possible detriment to businesses and private properties.

These are just a couple of my immediate concerns. Please stay engaged so that we can all work together to improve the lives of our children, our environment, our incomes, and our overall way of life here in South Carolina.

I would appreciate your vote in November of 2020.


Dr. Bruce Fischer, Candidate for South Carolina House District 56



I will propose stricter state laws to deal more quickly and more harshly with domestic abusers, and I will propose increased funding for safe shelters, treatment for the victims, and care for the children affected – who are often also the victims.


I will continue to work with others across our state to fight discrimination and bullying – and to make equality for everyone a reality.


We need to pay teachers better in order to attract and retain good educators. I can’t think of a better investment than in our students – the future of South Carolina.


I strongly support the movement toward greater (and ultimately complete) reliance on clean, renewable energy.


All development is not bad, but proper planning for the future is essential. The loss of our the flood plains, swamps, and wetlands – is an invitation to have more storm water flooding and overflowed river banks.


This practice needs to be changed by creating a truly independent commission to re-draw district lines based on the most recent census.


I am a responsible gun owner, with a Concealed Weapon Permit. The goal should be for sensible legislation aimed at reducing the current number of gun-related deaths.


Some of the most vulnerable people in our society desperately need basic healthcare – and expanding Medicaid can help to ease suffering and lead to more productive lives.


Oil spills happen, and will continue to happen. The coastal counties of South Carolina are especially vulnerable to economic disaster if they are harmed.


We must stop thinking about addiction as a “moral” issue, and recognize it as a medical and psychological problem. Addicts need treatment, not incarceration.


We need to enact and support legislation to reduce the amount of single-use plastic products that we buy, and so casually discard. All of us need to encourage each other to use re-usable bags, refuse plastic straws and styrofoam takeout containers, recycle much more than we do, and work together to clean up litter in our neighborhoods.


Voting is our American right! We need to make it easier to vote by instituting early voting at more than one location, improved accessibility for our elderly and disabled citizens, new secure voting machines, and automatic Voter Registration to allow and encourage more young people to vote.