Heather Johnson

Candidate for:
Horry County Board of Education

Election date: 11/6/18

Contact Info

Heather N. Johnson
1042 8th Ave
Aynor, SC 29511

Phone: (843)478-3797

Our children are our future!


Heather N. Johnson is a certified teacher in both Special Education as well as Business Education. Although born and raised in Horry County, she received a scholarship and attended Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Johnson graduated in the top 8% of in a massive class of 7,500 graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She continued to receive a Master’s degree in Education. Passionate about supporting children in reaching their absolute fullest potential and increasing teacher morale, Johnson is running for Chairman of HSC Board of Education.


Anti-Bullying Campaign
A polished policy is not enough. That is a sheet of paper that is stuck in a file cabinet. I want schools to be inspected with a checklist. Visible posters, weekly videos, concern drop boxes, drama/theater skits, teacher/student dialogue, AWARENESS of available counseling options, suicide hotline numbers in high traffic areas, parent communication and the list goes on. School safety and mental health are linked. When a child is bullied and continually threatened, yet not addressed properly, school shootings take place.

Mental Health Services
Suicide rates are on the rise. Our children are suffering from challenges that are driven by social media. To discount social media as being a problem not related to the school environment is not wise. Although we cannot control student behavior after school hours, the tensions that are created during those hours are brought into our schools. Children need to learn that their value does NOT come from the number of likes on a post. It does not come from the number of “friends” they have. The problem is they are raw, visible, black and white numbers that create a scoreboard. We need to teach VALUE. You cannot judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree. We are all different with various abilities to bring to the table.

School Security
Trained professional police officers need to be back in the schools. Period.

This construction overspending nonsense needs to be shut down. We have classroom aids that barely make ends meet while being assigned to changing diapers of school aged children. And we are spending money ridiculously without justification. Infuriating.

Classroom Observation
This will NEVER go over, but in Heather’s world: The higher ups need to spend a solid day or two (not a minute or two observation of a scheduled horse and pony show) in the trenches of the classroom, on a revolving schedule to remind themselves of the sobering reality of what the classroom really entails.