Paul Morse

Candidate for:
South Carolina House of Representatives
(District 58)

Election date: 11/6/18

Contact Info

Paul Morse for SC House District 58
708 Johnson Street
Conway, SC 29527
Phone: (843)246-3273

Together, we ALL achieve more!


Born in 1960 outside of Fairbanks Alaska, to a Military family of 6. My dad was in the Air Force and served with distinction, and silence in both WWII and the Korean Conflict. My mom was a stay at home mom who did not stay home. Working as a substitute teacher, school nurse, and as I grew older, took several jobs, yet was always there when we needed her. We moved around a lot when I was young, Alaska, New Mexico, New Jersey and when dad retired he settled us in Florida, just outside of Walt Disney World.

Growing up and moving around the country ensured that I made friends with anyone, regardless of race, religion, or station, and thought nothing of it. Growing up on bases in the 60’s this was normal. My sister Barbara was the oldest followed by my two brothers Bob, Jack then me. Moving to Florida, from the winters in Jersey was a blessing indeed. All of my formal schoolings was completed in Orlando, graduating Oak Ridge and attending both Valencia Community & Mid Florida Technical Colleges, but continuing education was not for me.

My work history began as many, with McDonald’s, then moving to Disney, where I met my wife. I then branched into the hotel side of hospitality moving quickly up the ranks. As a manager I discovered that my upbringing gave me a unique view of things By embracing teamwork with inclusion, I could inspire the best of people, for the benefit of all. I became a troubleshooter, going to hotels where the staff had been marginalized. I reinvigorating them and thus the property flourished. This took me from Central Florida, to outside Cleveland Ohio, to Des Moines Iowa, and finally here, in 2005, living in Conway and working in Myrtle Beach. All the while my wife and I added two boys and a girl giving us a full house. It continues to grow with the addition of wives for both sons and four beautiful grandchildren.

My political life started in High School, working on the 1976 Jimmy Carter campaign as a canvasser. In college, I worked with him again during the 1980 campaign. Work was work however so I skipped several campaigns until the Howard Dean plan of attack garnered my interest. I worked with the County Chair in Polk County Iowa and served as a Precinct Captain. Filled with that enthusiasm, we moved to SC where work once again took precedence. 2016 found me pulling for Senator Sanders and I was disappointed with the general election results. Politics called to me once again. As I found myself retired due to Medical reasons, Letter writing our esteemed Congressman and two Senators, following them up with calls, faxes, emails, and tweets caused nothing in return. I decided that the fight must be from the inside and determined the State House of Representatives, was the place to start.


Why am I running? A great question! We need change and growth here in South Carolina. The state has been dominated by the GOP for, in my opinion, too long. They have grown complacent in their knowledge that they were sure to pass their office to another Republican if they decided to leave office. I learned, in the fertile farmlands of Iowa, that even the best plants stop producing if the same plants are grown in the same fields for years. While I may differ on the points of policy from my Republican friends, We ALL should have the best interest of the People in mind. I look around and I have lost that confidence in both Columbia and the US Congress. It was time to Rotate the Crops, here in South Carolina.

Was it in our best interest to look the other way while the People of SC paid bonuses to the Executives of the Power Companies? How long were we, the People, going to be charged 17% higher Utility Rates, while Columbia was asleep at the wheel? How long are our children going to be asked to go to schools that are in ill repair, using books that are outdated, being taught by underpaid, overworked teachers, while Colombia cuts taxes for their campaign’s corporate donors? How long will the People of this great state tolerate unequal sentencing guidelines for the poor, disenfranchised, and quite frankly, the people of color, while Colombia let’s our Prison System riot and burn, while they sell our young men and women to the lowest bidder? These questions, and more need to be asked and Columbia needs to be held accountable. How can we attract new growth when our roads and bridges rank among the worst in the Country? It’s time to Rotate the Crops.

These are questions each of us asks, not because we are Democrats or Republicans, but because we are PEOPLE in this great state. There is so much history here and history to be made but Columbia is forcing us to wither on the vines of Democracy. It is time to Rotate the Crops here in Horry County and at the State House. Join your friends, Register to vote, by May 14, by mail, May 11 in person then VOTE. You are needed to vote in the Primaries on June 12th. And again in the General on November 16, 2018. Vote as if your lives depend on it. Vote, because your children’s livelihood DOES depend on it. Help me Rotate the Crops!