Robin Gause

Candidate for:
South Carolina House of Representatives
(District 106)

Election date: 11/6/18

Contact Info

Doreen Williams (Campaign Manager)
Phone: (301)537-4362

Phone: (803)450-3144

Her Voice, Our Choice.


Robin Gause is a 53 year old wife, mother of 6, and has 12 wonderful grandchildren. Robin is married to Sam Gause and has lived in the Burgess area of Myrtle Beach for the past 20.

Robin currently works with a non-profit organization she started in 2015, called USDI Village providing practical support to women and babies in Horry County. She also works with Beach Babies Doula services of Myrtle Beach South Carolina as a Birthing, and Breastfeeding Educator since 2007.

Sam and Robin currently attend Sandy Grove Baptist Missionary Church in Myrtle Beach. In 2010, Robin was the director of Rahabs House, which was a women’s shelter for homeless, drug addict, and incarceration women. There she worked with the women to help them to return to society, and their families. Rahabs House has since closed.

She has studied Maternal Child Health at the Union University and Institute in Cincinnati Ohio, and was a Midwife Apprentice in 2012. Robin believes that the gifts, and resources we have should not be used only for ourselves, but also to help others. Robin has been working in the health profession for the past 20 years.


Robin has been serving on the following boards:

• Civic and Political experience.
• Family Outreach, Myrtle Beach SC. (2015-2017)
• Phoenix Renaissance Foundation.
• South Carolina Hispanic Caucus.
• NAACP Vice President (Myrtle Beach Branch)
• Waccamaw Housing INC.
• Coastal RTA Service Advisory Group (SAG)
• United Nations Association of the United States of America (Member 2017)

Political Experience

• Past Candidate for Horry County Council, 2016
• Prescient President for Marlowe 3, Democratic Party
• Candidate for House of Representatives Seat 106, Horry County.



I will fight for the closing of the Charleston loop hole by advocating for complete back ground checks, regulation of all guns sales sold through the internet and at gun shows. We do have the right to keep and bear arms, but also a right to be safe. We must reform our gun laws by starting with our South Carolina legislature, before depending on the federal government to do so.


They fought on the frontlines for us, and now it’s my time to fight for them, by advocating for affordable housing, healthcare and the benefits they deserve.


I believe in single payer health care for all, with coverage for preexisting diseases. I also believe in Medicaid expansion for South Carolina. It’s our basic human right.


Each family should be able to take care of their families and participate in the economy.