Shakedra Jenerette

Candidate for:
Horry County Board of Education
(District 10)

Election date: 11/6/18

Contact Info

Shakedra Jenerette
P.O. BOX 1381
Loris, SC 29569

Phone: (843)877-3879

Jenerette Generates Results


Shakedra Jenerette was born and raised in Loris, South Carolina. She entered the Army Reserves immediately following high school and served our country until she retired last year after 20 years. She is the mother of 5 wonderful children. Shakedra took the experiences she had in her life as a soldier, a mother, and a woman and used them to build others through various means. She earned her Masters Degree in Human Services and used that knowledge to start her consulting and empowerment organization I Am Enough. She has also written two books and directed her self written play IF YOU ONLY KNEW MY STORY. She continues to mentor and work with organizations that uplift the downtrodden and empower the impoverished. Her hope is that everyone she meets will leave the encounter knowing that no matter what they’ve done good, bad or indifferent, they were then, they are now and they will always be enough.


Complacency is where dreams go to die. If given the correct opportunity even the least of us can do great things. Our school board should be integrity based. Decisions made by the board should be unbiased and inclusive. Horry County Schools statistics on several issues prove that it lacks diversity needed to promote harmony among the teachers, students and parents. We must be present and accessible to the communities that we serve.