William H. Williams

Candidate for:
U.S. House
of Representatives
(S.C. District 7)

Election date: 11/3/20

Contact Info

William H Williams
for Congress 7th District

1357A Jefferson Dr.
Florence, SC 29501

Phone: (843)430-5590

Let’s Ride Together!

Birth and Early Childhood

William was born January 25, 1948, to Emma Eliza Mason (Mother) and David Williams (Father). William’s mother and father had eight children together. The first four children, each died early in life. The last four children lived, which were two boys, and two girls. William Henry Williams is the baby of that union.

Williams family had poor housing, which had no running water, nor a dependable sewage system. Putting food on the table during some of those times meant that everyone in the home had to do their part, which consisted of working the cotton fields or some type of farm work. Williams father mostly did factory work. Also, one summer while Williams was still in high school, he and several other boys took turns working on the garbage truck while enroll in a youth program.

Military Service/Education

Williams served in Vietnam from 1968-1969. And after the military, he graduated with a BS degree (SC State College) and a MBA degree (Webster University – Myrtle Beach, SC). And also received a certificate from Harvard after passing one of its courses.

US Postal Service Employee

From 1974–2003 Williams worked for the US Postal Service for approximately 28 years (10 years as a Part-Time Flex, clerk/carrier and the remaining approximately 18 years in management as postmaster).

Congressional Campaign

Before Williams wife lost her battle with cancer, he was her caregiver. And after some time off and still in retirement, he decided to run for The U.S. Congress. Representing the 7th Congressional District of SC. He is running because he really wants to be a voice for the people. And he believes that his journey thus far has prepared him for this moment in time because serving others is an honor.


If the people of the 7th Congressional District elect me as their Congressman, I pledge to be their voice.

The following topics are some of the issues I will be addressing:

Crime in the 7th District is happening on a daily basis. My plan is to make every effort to bring this situation under control. I will be seeking help from the local communities and law enforcement to form a bridge that will promote trust, understanding and allow for the protection of our communities.

Equal pay for women is a right. If a person is hired for a job and that job pays a certain amount, gender should not determine the salary.

Hemp is a member of the cannabis family and it is one of the best kept secrets in farming. It looks very similar to marijuana but it’s not. However, Hemp can be used in thousands of products such as paper, different fabrics, car production, building materials, medicines and much more. Therefore, producing hemp in the 7th Congressional District will create an opportunity to stimulate job growth in our district.

Homelessness is still an issue in our 7th Congressional District. I will do everything within my power to help improve the conditions of those who are in need of housing.

Immigration Reform is needed because what we have is not working. I will revisit the laws on the books and do what I can to make sure that they can be used to address all aspects of immigration in a fair manner, the seen and unforeseen.

The I-73 Corridor Project I will keep on the front burner for the 7th Congressional District. It is vital for our area. It brings with it jobs, businesses and tourist dollars.

Jobs are one of the legs that helps hold up a community. I will be looking at corporations that are interested in partnerships, apprenticeships and on the job training which will be critical to job creation in the 7th District. We will need an educated and a well trained workforce to entice outside business to consider creating jobs for all in our district.

Medicare is very much needed for our senior citizens. Good health care is a must. The amount of monthly premiums needs to be revisited, to make sure that these amounts are fair and affordable.

Prison Reform is something that we need to address. There is no question about that. I will take a hard look at the criminal justice system and help to ensure it is applied fairly. For instance, the school to prison pipeline needs to reduce the number of children being incarcerated. More attention should be placed on this to focus more on the youth at an early age (preschool and beyond). In addition, we need fair sentencing guidelines in relation to the crime.

Second Amendment is already in place. My focus will be to make sure that the Second Amendment is protected.

Small Town Revitalization is something that can save many of our dying communities. I think a good model (realizing every town is different) for us that has been in progress for some time now is the downtown area of Florence SC. Truly, it is amazing.

Veterans Issues can range far and wide. Therefore, I will leave no stone unturned in making sure that all veterans cares and concerns are handle and resolved in the proper manner.