Horry County Voting Updates

Horry County Voting Updates

By V. Susan Hutchinson

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted millions across South Carolina. Safety concerns are on the minds of registered voters who want to vote in the June Primary and the November General Election.

Absentee Voting Update

The state of South Carolina recently announced a new eligibility requirement to vote In-Person and Mail-In Absentee, which apply only for the June 9 Primary and any runoff election on June 23.

For this election, anyone can use the reason “State of Emergency” to vote In-Person Absentee, which began May 4 and will continue up to 5pm on June 8 at the Horry County Voter Registration Office at 1515 4th Avenue in Conway. When arriving at the Voter Registration Office, tell the clerk you want to vote “State of Emergency”.

To apply for a Mail-In Absentee ballot, go to www.scvotes.org or pick up an application at the Horry County Voter Registration Office in Conway. Applications can be sent by mail or be dropped off at the Voter Registration Office. Select Option 18, State of Emergency as your reason to vote Mail-In Absentee.

If voting by Mail-In Absentee, you must submit your application NOW if you want to vote in the June 9 Primary. It may take seven days or more for a ballot to be mailed to you.

Completed ballots, including a witness signature on the outside of the return envelope must be postmarked or returned to the Voter Registration Office no later than the day of the primary or runoff election. The ballot packet also contains an Authorization to Return Absentee Ballot if someone other than you will be returning the ballot to the Voter Registration Office.

Mail-In ballots cannot be accepted at your polling place on the day of the election.

Changes to Polling Place Locations

If you choose not to vote In-Person Absentee before the election, or you missed the opportunity to obtain a Mail-In Absentee ballot, you will have to vote at your polling place on the day of the election.

There have been several polling location changes in Horry County for 2020.

HCDP continually updates the list of all polling locations on our website. There may be additional changes to polling places up to the day of the election, so make sure you check our website the day before heading out to the polls on election day.

The table below lists all of the precincts currently affected and the new polling place location.

Remember to wear a face mask and practice social distancing when voting in person. Bring hand sanitizer or wash your hands thoroughly after using the touchscreen. You should also use your own pen to sign in to avoid handling one used by multiple people.

Be respectful and patient with poll workers who are under stress this election year due to the many changes that have been made and the expectation of a large turnout. Go early to try to avoid long lines and crowds of people inside the polling place.

HCDP wants everyone to get out and vote, but make sure you do not risk your safety or health in the process.

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