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Press Release December 5, 2019

HCDP Blasts SC’s ‘Three GOP Amigos’ for Blind Defense of Trump CONWAY, SC – Sens. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott, and Rep. Tom Rice – South Carolina’s “Three GOP Amigos” — are engaging in a blind defense of President Trump, despite overwhelming evidence that Trump sought an investigation of a political rival by a foreign […]

The Republicans’ Trump Defense

Please Note: Links to the New York Times, Washington Post and some other online newspapers require a subscription after using up their monthly free allotments. By C J Waldron During the recently concluded impeachment hearings by the House Intelligence Committee, Republicans attempted to counter the potential charges against President Donald Trump by screaming that the […]

Legislative and Issue Update – November 17, 2019

Each month The North Strand Democrats Club provides a Legislative and Issues Update compiled by David Higham.  HCDP will publish these updates as they are received. HORRY COUNTY GOVERNMENT A County Council workshop on Imagine 2040 comprehensive plan was held Thursday, November 21 at the Government and Justice Center. The draft plan offers a vision […]

Ex-Republican Blasts Rice Over Impeachment

The recent e-newsletter distributed by Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) has angered many voters as he has unabashedly defended Donald Trump and defended him against the impeachment accusations, despite growing evidence that the president tried to enlist the aid of a foreign government to investigate a potential Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden. Here is […]

Impeachment: Survey & Summary

By Steve Hamelman U.S. Representative Tom Rice, serving South Carolina’s 7th District, has issued a three-question survey addressing the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. The questions are simple. Citizens are asked to either support impeachment, oppose it, or express indecision about it. This disclaimer is attached: “By participating in this survey, you agree to […]

Stacking the Judiciary Deck With (Unqualified) Jokers

By C J Waldron Federal judges who are friendly to Trump are being appointed at a record pace. The sad thing is, many of these judges have been deemed unqualified by the American Bar Association (ABA). The number of open Federal judgeships can be traced back to one man: #MoscowMitch McConnell. Since federal judges are […]

American Hostage

By V. Susan Hutchinson Ever since Donald J. Trump took the presidential oath of office on January 20, 2017, he has been holding Americans hostage in one way or another. He isn’t doing it alone; he has the full support of the Republican party. Let’s review some of our hostage situations. Healthcare Hostages The day […]

Protect Our Vote – Be a Poll Watcher

Casting a ballot is your most fundamental right as an American. Everyone in the process, from voters and poll workers to candidates and their supporters, must work to ensure that voting runs smoothly. New machines, clerical errors, weary voters exhausted by long lines and uncertainty in crowded polling places—and sometimes over-zealous candidates and campaign volunteers—can […]

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

Above Photo: Opening Parade at the 2018 Waccamaw Pauwau By V. Susan Hutchinson In August 1990, President George H.W. Bush declared November National American Indian Heritage Month. It is now more commonly referred to as Native American Heritage Month. This recognition was a long time coming and falls far short of America’s commitment to the […]