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The Trump Holocaust

By V. Susan Hutchinson The coronavirus response team, put in place by President Donald Trump and headed by Vice President Mike Pence was intended to bring together experts to address the growing pandemic. It was a good idea and Pence actually got praise for his handling of the daily briefing. But it didn’t take long […]

Legislative and Issue Update – March 25, 2020

By David Higham HORRY COUNTY GOVERNMENT / LOCAL ISSUES Coronavirus: Horry County confirmed its first case of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on March 15. Confirmed cases in the county totaled 11 as of March 22. (Myrtle Beach Online 3/22/20) Statewide, cases were 195 with the novel coronavirus in 33 of the state’s 46 counties. (Post and […]

Intensifying the Struggle for Economic Justice

By Dameion B. Fowler As Horry County (particularly Myrtle Beach) is quickly becoming one of the premier tourist destinations in the southeast, this rise has been achieved on the backs of our working class and working poor. Thus, we are entering a moment where there is widespread dissatisfaction among many South Carolina’s workers and the […]

HCDP Cancels, Meetings, Convention Due to Coronavirus

The Horry County Democratic Party will close its office for the next two weeks and will tentatively reopen March 30. We will suspend all committee meetings and I strongly suggest that club Presidents cancel or postpone meetings during this period.  If you can accomplish objectives via email and phone, please do so. The  Precinct Reorganization […]

Ending Pre-School OSS/Expulsions In Horry County Schools

  By Dameion B. Fowler It is now time for Horry County Schools to support efforts to phase out and eliminate the use of exclusionary discipline in early childhood educational settings (pre-School-2nd grade). The following is taken from the policy statement on this issue released by the Department of Health and Human Services and the […]

Are You Listening Now?

By V. Susan Hutchinson Unless you have been living in a cave without internet access you have heard at least something about COVID-19, aka coronavirus. If you are active on social media, you’ve heard more than you ever wanted to know. All coronavirus related posts on social media should be reviewed with skepticism, especially if […]

The Debate About Making Horry County a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

By V. Susan Hutchinson Anyone attending the March 10 Horry County Council meeting saw hypocrisy, ignorance and twisted logic on display as the Council held a public hearing on a proposal by Councilman Al Allen (District 11) to designate Horry County a 2nd Amendment sanctuary (Ordinance 15-2020). Allen began his rant by saying we have […]

What Kind of Sanctuary for Our Country?

By Jim R. Rogers (Editor’s note: The following article by Jim Rogers was originally published by Waccamaw Publishers and is published here with the author’s permission.) We are indeed living in some shaky days. Parents and families are being challenged by worrisome possibilities that could affect their well-being and communities. A dreaded virus is looming […]

Pass Violence Against Women Act

By Bob Gatty While many Americans celebrated International Women’s Day Sunday, March 8, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the National Rifle Association (NRA) are putting women across the country in danger from guns in the hands of domestic abusers. How are they doing this? More than a year ago, McConnell chose to let the […]