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Horry County Wants Gun Owner’s Rights Protected

By V. Susan Hutchinson Second Amendment Sanctuary County. Let’s repeat that. Second Amendment Sanctuary County. What does it mean? According to District 11 Councilman Al Allen, it means “All it says is that we believe in our Second Amendment rights, and we are willing to stand up and fight for them.” Wow! The fact that […]


Our thanks to all who contributed to HCDP’s special campaign to raise money to post digital billboards targeting Sen. Lindsey Graham for his blind loyalty to President Trump. We will have two billboards on Hwys 17 and 501 starting next Monday, Jan. 27, running for two weeks. We still need additional contributions for this initiative […]

Tips For Voting In Horry County & South Carolina

By Mike Hodges New Voters in Horry County The population growth in Horry County in 2017 and 2018 combined has exceeded 23,000 people. Based on an average family of four, in these two years alone Horry County has added over 11,500 adults of voting age. It is also notable that this increase in population does […]

HCDP Attends Myrtle Beach Women’s March

Above Photo (l-r): Bev Bitzegaio, Diana Huggins and Carole Bellacera Take a Stand at the Women’s March By V. Susan Hutchinson A large contingent of Horry County Democratic Party members and supporters braved the cold weather to participate in the 3rd Annual Women’s March in Chapin Park. The theme this year was “Women Rising”, with […]

Charlie’s Place: A Part of Black History in Myrtle Beach

By John Bitzegaio In March of 2019 I attended a breakfast meeting of the Beach Dems at “Friendly’s.” Being a new resident to the area, I have found these meetings to be informative opportunities to meet like-minded people and hear about issues of shared concern. The food is good, too. On this day I was […]

Does HCS Care About Educating Black Children?

Above Photo: The author is shown with his son, Khalil Gabriel Fowler, to whom this article is dedicated. By Dameion Fowler We have been sold a proverbial “bill of goods” when it comes to the intellectual development of our black children. We have been told that our children are the same as white children, but […]

Same Old (Racist) Song and Dance

By C J Waldron With his retweet of an image of Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Donald Trump has once again displayed his racist beliefs; and his base LOVES him for it! And yet this is nothing more than another distraction from the illegal activities that permeate this administration. With […]

HCGOP: A Microcosm of the Trump Administration

By Bob Gatty The Horry County Republican Party (HCGOP) is embroiled in a bitter battle over leadership and financial accountability that’s devolved into accusations of improprieties and nasty name calling reminiscent of the everyday actions of President Trump and his supporters, including those in Congress. It all boiled over January 8 at an HCGOP meeting […]

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

By Steven Hamelman At a time in which we’re pummeled daily by narratives of—to name a few—impeachment, bloodshed in the Middle East, apocalyptic fires in Australia, and opioid addiction throughout the land, it’s understandable that most of us would wish to keep similar tales of disaster at bay. But we cannot—and more to the point […]