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A Disaster of Seismic Proportions

By C J Waldron. One of the issues being pushed by the president is the spread of offshore drilling in the Atlantic Ocean. According to a report in Bloomberg, the goal, as he puts it, is to gain “energy dominance” over the rest of the world. The Charlotte Observer points out that this is a […]

Healthcare in Congress – a Possible Democratic Agenda

By Don Kohn. When Democrats officially take control of the U.S. House of Representatives in January, a major focus will be on improving healthcare for all Americans – exactly the opposite of what would have been the case had Republicans retained control of both chambers of Congress in the November 6 election. Rep. Joe Kennedy […]

Is Trump’s America Winning Yet?

By Bob Gatty. Now that Donald Trump has been in office nearly two years, it’s fair to ask whether voters in “Trump’s America” are “winning” yet, as he repeatedly promised during his presidential election campaign. The answer, according to this analysis published by The Washington Post (one of Trump’s favorite news outlets), is no. In fact, the […]

America’s Armed Forces and Veterans: Are They Now Just Political Pawns?

By V. Susan Hutchinson. The Second Continental Congress created the first Continental Army on June 14, 1775. Since that time American troops have fought for the cause of preserving freedom and democracy not just for America, but for countries all over the world. The Spanish-American War was the first war where the United States was […]

2018 Midterm Elections: Thanks for your support!

Thank you to everyone who worked so tirelessly for the party and for Democratic candidates. You devoted months of work in the lead up to the election and you worked and devoted your time on election day. While casting your ballot for our Democratic candidates, you also encouraged your family and friends to do the […]

HCDP Members Rally, Urging SC to Close the ‘Gun Show Loophole’

By Bob Gatty. HCDP members and other citizens rallied at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center November 4 to urge the SC State Legislature to enact sensible gun laws. The rally was held across the street from the convention center, where the Myrtle Beach Gun Show was being held. For a photo album of the rally, […]

Provisional Ballot: What you need to know if you are told you are ineligible to vote on election day

Voter suppression has been a concern across the nation this election year. Voter roll purges have been common and have happened in Horry County even when a person missed only one election within the past year. That’s why it is so important to check your voter status before you go to the polls and bring […]

Time to Use Your Power at the Ballot Box

By Don Kohn, HCDP Chair On Tuesday, Horry County voters will participate in the 2018 midterm election, which could well be one of the most important elections of our times. They will have an opportunity to use their constitutionally guaranteed power – at the ballot box. At stake are the U.S. House of Representatives seat […]

Join HCDP’s Vigil at Myrtle Beach Gun Show

By David Higham, Chair (HCDP Gun Sense Action Committee) On Sunday November 4th, Horry County Democrats and other residents will gather across the street from the Myrtle Beach Convention Center where a large Gun Show is scheduled to take place. Organized by the Horry Democrats Gun Sense Action Committee, the rally and vigil is scheduled […]