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HCDP Radio Ad Campaigns

Horry County Democratic Party’s radio advertising campaign is set to launch! Promoting Democratic values, these ads urge listeners to vote for our Democratic slate of candidates in the mid-term elections. Listen for these ads now running through the election below. The campaign includes three commercials on WPJS Gospel 1220 AM, WMIR /WJXY 1200 AM, and […]

Vote NO on APPOINTED Secretary of Education

By Verlene B. DeWitt, 2nd Vice-Chairperson HCDP. It’s a tough time for all teachers and students. They are concerned about covering the curriculum, grades, school safety, hurricanes, floods, etc. There is another issue that they might not even know about. On this midterm election ballot, there is a constitutional amendment which would change the way […]

HCDP’s New TV Ads: You Have the Power!

 Two new TV commercials promoting Democratic issues and urging voters to vote for Democratic candidates launched Tuesday, Oct. 16 and will run through the election. The ads are an important component of Horry County Democratic Party’s media advertising campaign that is designed to encourage voters to take action and vote for candidates who will […]

The Disappointment Know As Lindsey Graham

By Sandra Kohn. Lindsey Olin Graham is a 62 year old native of central South Carolina. Graham, a Republican, was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2003 winning the seat of retiring Strom Thurmond. Graham had previously served a term as a representative in the South Carolina House (1993-1995) and the U.S. House of Representatives […]

15 Ways to Make a Difference on Election Day

By Barbara J. Sloan. Horry County Democrats can do something about today’s political climate. And now is the time to do it. Here are 15 ways to make a huge difference. Voter registration has been extended to Wednesday October 17 due to Hurricane Florence. Are you registered? Do you have a plan to go to […]

Democrats Pack Sold-Out Fundraising Dinner – Avenetti Calls On Democrats To Get Tough

By Bob Gatty. Democrats packed the sold-out HCDP Shore fundraising dinner Saturday night, helping to raise cash to help elect Democratic candidates on Nov. 6. They heard a rousing speech by famed defense attorney Michael Avenatti, who called on Democrats to “be willing to do battle every day” in the fight against sexism bigotry, racism […]

Restoring Honor and Trust Back to South Carolina

South Carolina Democrats, I had the opportunity to read the results of the Grand Jury’s investigation into the public corruption in state government. Along with more insights about the Quinns and their continued illegal involvement with our state representatives, it gave us more disheartening and troubling news about our current Attorney General. I want to […]

The Highest Stakes are on Nov. 6

By Don Kohn. The narrow confirmation by the U.S. Senate of Brett Kavanaugh to succeed retiring Justice David Kennedy on the U.S. Supreme court emphasizes in stark terms the absolute necessity of Democrats taking control of both houses of Congress in the November 6 election. Kavanaugh’s commitment to extreme right-wing public policy issues has been […]

Democrats: Fighting for Equality

Editor’s Note: The following is excerpted from HCDP’s issue paper on Equality. For the complete article and to see papers covering many more issues, please click here or on the Issues button above. By Bob Gatty. Horry County Democrats fully endorse the Democratic Party vision that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to make the most […]