No Mandate: Majority of Voters Rejected Trump

No Mandate: Majority of Voters Rejected Trump

By Rick Patelunas.

Donald Trump garnered the Electoral College votes to become President-Elect Trump, and the Republican Party maintained control of the Senate and House of Representatives. The people have spoken.

But what did the people say? Of roughly 200 million registered voters, only 133 million voted. Trump’s 60 million votes was less than 30 percent of registered voters. Seven out of ten registered voters chose other than Mr. Trump. Moreover, Secretary Clinton received more votes than Mr. Trump.

Horry County percentages were similar. Trump earned about 40 percent of the votes from registered voters. Six out of ten registered Horry County voters did not vote for Mr. Trump.

The people spoke, loudly, but not in support of Trump. The Republican Party controls the executive and legislative branches, and soon, too, the judicial branch. But that should not be misunderstood as a mandate to ignore the voice of the majority of American citizens.

(Editor’s note: as of Dec. 7, Clinton has 2.7 million more votes than Trump …and the number is expected to rise.)

See Rick’s letter to the Sun News here.

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