Presidency by “Tweet” is Disconcerting

Presidency by “Tweet” is Disconcerting

By Flossie Love Chapman.

Gerri McDaniel, a South Carolina Trump campaign official, is encouraging us all to get Twitter accounts to be kept abreast of national news.

Twitter is a post of 140 characters or less. The President-elect will send out a tweet concerning a topic, and we will be in the know. No one will question the president because his policy will be to bypass the media.

The media, due questioning his decisions and actions, are not to be trusted to deliver the truth. His immediate circle of confidantes, family and friends will nod their heads, and off we go. To what? A well-thought out and discussed presentation on national policy?

I was appalled at the use of the term “post truth era.” Now I believe we are heading right into it.

Truth will come from Donald Trump’s brain, to his finger and right to us. We will walk around with our smart phones waiting to be enlightened.

The scenario is terrifying.

See Flossie’s letter to the Sun News here.

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