Gun Sense Action Committee

The combination of poverty, a lack of education, and few avenues for economic advancement has caused violent crime to soar in our state – with gun violence leading the way.

In 2016, South Carolina had the dubious distinction of having the 10th worst violent crime rate and the 10th worst firearm mortality rate in the United States. In that year, 891 South Carolina residents died from gun play – either by homicides, suicides, or accidental shootings. Records from 2013 showed that someone is killed with a gun every 14 hours in SC, and an aggravated assault with a firearm occurs every 1.5 hours. The rate at which law enforcement officers are feloniously killed with guns in the state is also the 10th worst in the nation. This rate of gun violence is simply unacceptable.

South Carolina has some of the weakest gun laws in the nation, making it a favorite state for illegal gun traffickers to purchase guns. Our state has reviewed and argued 50 gun bills since 2017 and none have yet been made into law.

Democrats will continue to push for safety and common sense when it comes to responsible gun ownership laws.


This committee is under the auspices of the Horry County Democratic Party (HCDP) and it is led by a chairperson. If possible, other offices (secretary and event planner) shall be appointed. The chairperson shall insure that a meeting agenda and minutes are provided to each committee member via e-mail. The chairperson shall also ensure that the budget, website, membership list and event calendar are kept current. This committee will submit, when requested a report of its activities and budget, and shall coordinate with HCDP on all significant programs, actions and changes to the committee.

This committee’s primary responsibilities are to develop, update and promote the HCDP position on firearms with the goal of reducing firearm related violence.

Actions to accomplish the committee goals and responsibilities shall include the following:

  • Support of candidates both at the county, state and federal level who support our firearm positions.

  • Education of the general public on gun sense issues which impact them ensuring that everyone have a correct understanding of firearm laws and issues related to firearm violence.

  • Provide support to HCDP and its members by providing expertise and education on firearms issues.

  • Develop and maintain a data base of articles, statistics etc. on firearm issues which is available to committee and HCDP members.

  • Develop video, handouts, white papers and information that can be made available to HCDP members and the public about current firearms issues.

  • Attend and support various local, state and nationwide protests, vigils and boycotts dealing with firearm violence issues.

  • Develop and implement specific campaigns to educate the public about these issues.

  • Develop and maintain a calendar of committee specific events for HCDP and committee members.

Meeting Information

The Gun Sense Action Committee meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 2:00 P.M.

Contact the Organizer for meeting location.

Contact Information

Committee Chairperson – Henry Garbelman

Phone: (410)236-8278


Keep Myrtle Beach Family Friendly

WE BELIEVE that all firearm sales should require a thorough background check, allowing adequate time to be completed. This would prevent sales to felons, terrorists and others who are forbidden by law to purchase or possess a firearm.

OBJECTIVE To provide education and information to the community on the background check law and its loopholes.

WHY IT MATTERS The Myrtle Beach area has thrived as a Family Friendly vacation location. Recent firearm violence has driven away visitors and negatively impacts all the residents in the Grand Strand area. Allowing and/or encouraging unchecked firearm sales by way of private sales, internet and gun shows invites crime and firearm violence in the Grand Strand area.


  • Gun culture in the United States and South Carolina.
  • SC laws – concealed carry, stand your ground law.
  • Loopholes allow twenty to thirty percent (20%-30%) of all firearm sales to avoid background checks.
  • Two guns shows in convention center per year.
  • S.C. gun ownership 53% vs. U.S. average 32%.
  • 40 states have lower gun violence incidents than S.C.
  • S.C. has the tenth worst violent crime and mortality rate in the U.S.
  • S.C. has some of the weakest gun laws in U.S.
  • “Gun play” killed 891 S.C. residents in 2016
  • In S.C. every 1.5 hours a gun assault occurs and every 14 hours someone is killed.
  • Gun violence cost S.C. taxpayers on average $1.5 billion year.



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Gun Sense Action Committee

The Horry County Democratic Party Gun Sense Action Committee fights for gun safety and common sense gun laws.