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Horry County Democrats are committed to improving the lives of all people by promoting Democratic principles and values, identifying and electing Democratic Candidates, and broadening voter participation.

It is a team effort. Join us!

  • We believe in equal opportunity and fairness for all.

  • We support quality education and access to decent healthcare.

  • We fight to protect and expand voting rights.

  • We advocate for clean water, fresh air, and renewable energy.

What’s Hot

It's Time to Support Zero Waste

The future of our planet is precarious. Zero Waste must become the norm. Our disposable lifestyle cannot continue if we want a healthy planet, healthy wildlife and healthy children.

Our landfills are at near capacity. Recycling is not working. We must change our ways.

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Mark Your Calendar

James Smith Campaign Events

Saturday, October 27th

James Smith & Mandy Powers Norrell headlining “Horry County Campaign Blitz”

10am-11am – Bucksport Breakfast
11am-3pm – Fall Social
11am-4pm – Unity in the Community

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HCDP Radio Ad Campaigns

HCDP Radio Ad Campaigns

Horry County Democratic Party’s radio advertising campaign is set to launch! Promoting Democratic values, these ads urge listeners to vote for our Democratic slate of candidates in the mid-term...

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