Voting Rights Are Under Attack

By Alester Linton-Pryor, HCDP Chair As you all know, our voting rights are under attack as Republicans in state after state endorse Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” that the election was stolen because of mythical voter fraud. In Congress, Democrats have sponsored S. 1, the For the People Act, which would respond to those restrictive ballot laws […]

Setting the Record Straight

By Bob Gatty In nearly five decades of covering and being involved in politics, never have I seen more disgusting tactics being employed by one political party against the other as I am seeing today with Republicans, both nationally and here in South Carolina. One of the most despicable came Monday, July 19 when SCGOP […]

HCDP Launches ‘Engage Horry’ Community Outreach with Loris Event

By Bob Gatty The Horry County Democratic Party (HCDP) held its first community outreach event as part of its new Engage Horry initiative Saturday, June 26 at the Capture Child Development Center in Loris. Among those attending were former congressman, Joe Cunningham and SC Sen. Mia McLeod, both Democratic Party 2022 candidates for governor, Trav […]

Gerrymandering: The Easy (and Legal) Way to Rig Elections

By Steve Hamelman Gerrymandering: a seemingly benign, some would say goofy-sounding, noun that belies the harmful voter suppression it represents. Dating back to a scheme concocted in the Massachusetts legislature in the 1810s, gerrymandering is, in the words of Coastal Carolina University politics professor Drew Kurlowski, the “crafting of legislative boundaries for political advantage.” In […]

Celebrating Juneteenth: A Unifying Event

These school children sang and danced to celebrate Juneteenth in Myrtle Beach. Photo by Mark Gaier. For more photos by Mark at the event, please visit   HCDP Chair Alester Linton-Pryor attended the Juneteenth celebration Saturday, June 19, sponsored by Neighborhood Service of Myrtle Beach, saying it was a “unifying event,” commemorating the freedom […]

Announcing: Engage Horry – Reaching Out to Every Community!

Horry County Democratic Party is launching an ongoing initiative ‘Engage Horry’ to register, engage, educate, and energize voters. And, search for, encourage and train Democrats who want to run for office in their cities and towns. HCDP’s goal is to engage with residents of communities within Horry County who feel underserved and under-represented. HCDP wants […]

Racism Cannot be Denied

By CJ Waldron Since the first African-Americans were forced to come to the New World in 1619, America has had an issue with race. Considered inferior, and in most cases, not even people, they were kept in bondage for generations. The founding of our nation pivoted on a selective inclusion of enslaved individuals. Even as […]

DWCHC 2021 Scholarship Essay Contest Winners

Democratic values promote equality and opportunities for all Americans By Bev Bitzegaio Looking back on our country’s 245-year history of equality and opportunities for women offers an interesting perspective of how far we have come and how far we have yet to go. The 19th amendment granting women the right to vote was ratified by […]

Wear Orange! Join the Fight Against Gun Violence

By Bob Gatty The Horry County Democratic Party is urging citizens to demonstrate their support for common sense gun regulations by wearing orange during the June 4-6 weekend and by attending a “Display Orange” rally on Sunday, June 6 in opposition to gun violence. National Gun Violence Awareness Day is June 4. The rally will […]