Build Back Better, Minimum Wage & the Economy

By Mike Hodges The American Rescue Plan and the Build Back Better plan will help bring back our economy Rising costs due to the pandemic, and a lack of inflation protection in the Federal Minimum Wage still leaves workers struggling to make ends meet Congress must protect low wage workers by adding an inflation proviso […]

Sunrise Movement: Striving for a Green New Deal

By Dr. Jeremy Holland Since 2018, a youthful environmental organization known as the Sunrise Movement have been active in protesting for the adoption of a federal policy known as the Green New Deal. The Green New Deal aims to urgently address the global climate crisis and ensure good-paying jobs for all Americans while rebuilding the […]

The GOP Inflation Blame Game

By the HCDP Communications Team Consumers are hit by inflation and Republicans greet it with joy, blaming Democrats The COVID recovery and supply chain disruptions are causing inflation The remedy is effective Federal Reserve policies and the Biden Build Back Better agenda Inflation is making headlines, and Republicans appear to be reveling in it. Consumers […]

Red for Ed: Grassroots Organizing for Educational Reform

By Jeremy Holland Key Points: Teachers located in conservative-leaning states have started to come together and participate in mass strike events across the U.S. These educators are demanding more educational funding, better teacher/staff pay, vital student services, and the right to be treated like professionals in the classroom. So far, there have been multiple successful […]

Critical Race Theory: Another Republican Scare Tactic

By Jeremy Holland There is a smokescreen of confusion being spread by those who are cynical about the power of democracy, about the power of the people to decide for themselves. We have seen this recently with the preposterous lie perpetuated by many in Republican leadership during the Stop the Steal campaign. It’s as if […]

Infrastructure: South Carolina to Benefit – Thank You Mr. President

By John Bitzegaio Let’s all thank President Biden and the responsible legislators who passed the historic “Build Back Better” infrastructure package. Rep. Tom Rice and Sen. Tim Scott deserve no thanks. They voted “No,” even though this bipartisan bill will substantially benefit South Carolina and is sorely needed. Rice argued that portions of the funding […]

Horry County Honors American Veterans

By John Bitzegaio #RISEUP! Horry County and show your appreciation for our veterans. This area has a long history of military activities, and many veterans live here in retirement from their service. Services provided by governmental and private organizations are plentiful in Horry County and show how much veterans are appreciated. The office of Veterans […]

The Poor People’s Campaign: A Voice for the Left Behind

By Dr. Jeremy Holland The ongoing economic emergency in the state South Carolina is that over 1 million workers make less than a living wage, over 100,000 people are unemployed, and nearly half a million people are without health insurance. A voice for the 2.1 million poor and low-income people in South Carolina is embodied […]

Horry Democrats: Accept the Challenge

By Bob Gatty The victory by Republican Governor-elect Glenn Younkin over former Governor Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, and the unexpectedly tight race in the New Jersey gubernatorial contest, emphasizes the challenges that Horry County Democrats must embrace as we approach the 2022 election. The good news from Tuesday’s off-year elections came in New York City, […]