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Democratic Presidential Preference Primary Fundraiser – 2024

Let’s Get Voter Ready!

Vote, Vote and Vote again in our Democratic Presidential Preference Primary Fundraiser. Educate voters on how the ‘First in the Nation’ Presidential Preference Primary works and how vital it is for Democrats to have heavy turnouts, not only in ‘First in the Nation PPP’ on Feb 3, but in the upcoming June Primary and on Nov 5 — Election Day!

Voter Protection Committee Schedule:

Jan 8 – EC Meeting – 6:00pm – Kick-off
Jan 9 – Carolina Forest Dems – 5:30pm
Jan 11 – Northwest Action Dems – 3:00pm
Jan 11 – South Enders – 5:30pm
Jan 12 – Beach Dems – 12 Noon
Jan 18 – DWCHC – 5:00-7:00pm
Jan 21 – Horry County Democratic Party’s First in the Nation Reception – 2:00pm–5:00pm | $25
»Click here to Pay through ActBlue or you can pay at the door
Jan 22 – Westside Dems – 5:30pm

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