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Debate? What Debate?

By V. Susan Hutchinson

Someone needs to come up with a new word to describe Donald Trump. We have exhausted all of the current ones used to describe a person of non-existent integrity and class. One that reflects how completely devoid of a soul Donald Trump really is. Sociopath doesn’t begin to describe him.

The first presidential debate showed just how low Donald Trump will go and how he will continue to plumb the depths of depravity until his dying day. It wasn’t so much a debate as a performance piece for Trump’s rabid supporters. More of a “look at me, I’m still the bully you know and love” message.

Trump will probably want an Emmy for it. The award goes to Donald Trump for best performance by a raging tyrant. Even the dictators Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un have more decorum and dignity than Donald Trump.

That last sentence is something no one should ever write about an American president.

To everyone who watched, anyone who has any sense of real patriotism or who takes pride in being an American, the word that probably came to mind was horror. Abject horror that the president of the United States feels debating issues is beneath him because he considers himself the all-powerful commander in chief. So much so that he has to make a mockery not only of his opponent, but the moderator and the actual debate process itself.

The reality is this is the only arrow in his quiver because he has no platform, no idea what is good for our country and no love or respect for America or its people; even those who support him. We are all losers to him.

Kudos to Joe Biden

The man who should be the next president, Joe Biden, spent most of the debate laughing and shaking his head. As NPR says:

If this was supposed to be a boxing match, it instead turned into President Trump jumping on the ropes, refusing to come down, the referee trying to coax him off, and Joe Biden standing in the middle of the ring with his gloves on and a confused look on his face.

Based on Trump’s obnoxious display and Biden speaking directly to the American people, addressing real issues that concern us, Joe Biden was the clear winner. Trump was hoping his tactics would instill fear and show Biden was mentally incompetent to be president.

Joe showed him who was really incompetent by, for the most part, keeping his cool and staying on point all while trying to swat back the incessant barking in his ear. Biden can be applauded for saying what we were all screaming at our televisions – “Will you shut up, man?”

We Finally Have Confirmation

Last night we finally got Donald Trump to show real support for white supremacists in America. When challenged to denounce violence from white supremacists, Trump wanted to know the names of these groups before he would answer. Feigning ignorance as if he wasn’t briefed by his own Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who said white supremacists present the “gravest terror threat to the United States.”

He probably has them all on speed dial.

When told the name Proud Boys he perked up and replied “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.” The Proud Boys now have a new logo and patches for their shirts with that phrase. They are fired up to do the bidding of their master at a moments notice.

On top of his blatant support for white supremacy, Trump rallied his base to “carefully watch” polling places November 3. Now he is not only questioning the validity of mail-in ballots, he is saying Democrats will commit voter fraud on election day as well. It wasn’t clear if he wants credentialed poll watchers or just anyone who wants to stand around a polling station all day and intimidate Democratic voters. We should assume it is the latter.

Combine this call to action with the Proud Boys directive and we should all be fearful of widespread violence across the country on election day. And remember they openly carry weapons.

Stop the Madness

It’s hard to believe that anyone watching the debate will still be sitting out the election November 3. There probably will be, but let’s hope there are not as many as in 2016. We all long for the days when you could choose the best candidate based on their stance on issues. A day when you knew both candidates truly loved America and wanted what they thought was right for all of us.

The only way to get back to those days is to elect Joe Biden by a landslide. Maybe you don’t like him and can’t stomach four more years of Donald Trump. Staying home or voting a 3rd party candidate will not help us get our country back from this maniac. If you really want America to stay a democracy you must do the right thing and remove Donald Trump from office as well as down ballot Republicans for House, Senate and local offices. Another four years of Donald Trump with, potentially, another Republican Congress and a stacked Supreme Court may mean this is the last chance you will have to exercise your right to vote.

These are scary times. The only way to calm the fear and work toward ending our national nightmare is to get out and vote against the madness of Donald Trump. Bring your friends with you.

Stay safe this year when voting in person. Don’t engage them and don’t let them intimidate you. Hold your ground. It is your right, don’t let anyone stop you from voting to save America.

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