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Let Your Voice be Heard on Taxes!

We’re all wondering exactly what Trump’s and the Republican “tax reform” bill will look like when it is finally presented on Wednesday, November 1.

We’ll have lots of questions, and careful consideration of the bill will be important to all Americans and every citizen of South Carolina, no matter what the party affiliation. It’s up to us, the voters of South Carolina, to delve into the complexities of this bill to make sure our representatives are voting to benefit their constituents, us.

Let’s make our voices heard, for or against. It’s easy, take a few short minutes to do the following:

email Lindsey Graham or call (202)224-5972

email Tim Scott at or call (202)224-6121

email Tom Rice (7th District U.S. Congressman) or call (202)225-9895

Not in District 7? Find the email and phone number of other SC House of Representatives Congressman by submitting your zip code or call (202)224-3121 for U.S. House switchboard.

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