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Sanders Warmup Speakers Boast Plans to ‘Save Mother Earth’

by Rosemary Wolfe

Mal Hyman says he’s exploring seeking the 7th Congressional District seat now held by Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC)

“No one has done more for the earth and environment than Bernie,” asserted Mall Hyman, in opening remarks at the Sander’s Myrtle Beach Town Hall in Chapin Park on Thursday evening, August 29.

The dynamic South Carolina economics professor, who twice has sought the newly created 7th Congressional District House held by Republican Rep. Tom Rice, went on to talk about the ways Sander’s sees his environmental and other policies as beginning the “transition from a thing to a people society.”

“A Sanders campaign and a Sanders presidency honors freedom by honoring dignity,” Hyman declared to the cheering crowd, adding that Sanders’ Green New Deal plan must be pursued for our nation.

Peg Howell
Peg Howell, leader of South Carollina’s SODA

Peg Howell, leader of South Carollina’s SODA’s coastal effort to prevent oil drilling and testing in the Atlantic followed Hyman to the podium.  Howell, who understands the consequences of offshore drilling, was formerly an oil rig engineer.

“We only get to take care of three miles of coast—the Feds get the rest,” she said, noting that local jurisdictions up and down the North and South Strand have passed resolutions against drilling. And more recently, she noted, the South Carolina Senate passed a resolution 40-4 opposing infrastructure that would be coming to the coast from oil drilling.

Howell went on to talk about the projected effects oil testing and drilling would have on coastal South Carolina:

  • Tourism (a loss of $3 billion and 83,000 jobs.)
  • No Direct US need (The US is the world’s leader in oil and gas revenues and ”all of our supply is being exported.”)
  • A forever decision (There is no way to stop oil efforts once they have begun, pointing to California’s efforts since 1989.)

“Bernie,” she said, “is for ending natural gas and crude oil exports.” Howell said all energy conservation and renewable efforts are needed domestically.

Senator Nina Turner
Ohio Senator Nina Turner

Ohio State Sen. Nina Hudson Turner, who is one of four national chairs of Sander’s campaign, said, “We have one Mother Earth, and it is our job to fix it.”  Leading the crowd of 1,000 who joined her in unison, Turner shouted, “With these hands you will save Mother Earth.” She said that she believes Sander’s will win the democratic nomination, with South Carolina playing a leading role.

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