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Support HCDP’s Election Ad Campaign

By Don Kohn.

HCDP is working hard to encourage greater voter registration and inform our citizens of our party’s values to help them understand what our candidates would implement if elected.

While HCDP has set aside some funds to carry out this effort, we are asking for additional help so we can expand our area of coverage and frequency of the message on TV/radio, newspapers, social media, and billboards.

This campaign is being developed by HCDP because of the critical importance of the November 6 elections, and we want to help all of our candidates to succeed. It will have an overarching objective of strengthening the Democratic brand in Horry County, making HCDP much more visible and letting voters know they have a choice other than the Republican party, which has dominated for so long.

We want to emphasize the need to elect more Democrats and specifically support our slate of candidates, led by James Smith in his effort to unseat Republican Gov. Henry McMaster.

Our Messages

Our core message will be to encourage voters to support candidates who will work for these Democratic values:

  • Better education for our kids
  • Equality and fair treatment for everyone
  • Good paying jobs and opportunity for all
  • A safe and sustainable environment
  • Reliable Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
  • Health care for all
  • Protecting and improving services for our veterans

We Democrats believe in equality and fair play. We believe that every American should be treated with respect. We believe that our children deserve the best possible education in a safe school environment. While the economy has improved since President Obama rescued it from the disastrous George W. Bush presidency, we believe that all Americans deserve a living wage. It isn’t enough to have a job if you have to have more than one to support your family.

We Democrats believe that our senior citizens need to be cared for and that Social Security and Medicare need to be protected from the proposed ravishes of the Republicans who want to finance their massive tax cut for the wealthy on the backs of the elderly and the poor.

We believe that Medicaid in South Carolina needs to be expanded, as provided by the Affordable Care Act, so our citizens who need Medicaid to cover health care costs can obtain the health services they need.

Health care for every American must be protected, and that includes our veterans. President Trump likes to brag about his support for our veterans, but yet scandal has rocked his Veterans Administration with efforts by Trump and his financial supporters to privatize the VA. Meanwhile, long waits for care and difficulty in accessing care continue unabated. Democrats believe this must stop and that providing care for our vets must be of the highest priority.

In concert with our ad campaign, HCDP has created a series of detailed issue papers that cover these and other topics that we believe are of utmost importance to our citizens. You can access those papers here.

Contribute Now

Meanwhile, we hope that you will contribute what you can specifically to the HCDP Publicity Program by writing “HCDP Publicity” on your check. If you are donating via ActBlue from the HCDP website, please call the HCDP Office at (843)488-4237 and let us know your donation is for the Publicity Program.

For those already donating to HCDP, please do not change your regular contribution to a “HCDP Publicity” donation as we are requesting additional funds to expand our publicity and marketing outreach during this important election cycle.

Please help us strengthen the Democratic voice in Horry County by contributing to our “Publicity Program” today!

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