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Absentee Voting Has Started – Vote Today!

Absentee Voting has begun in South Carolina, and HCDP strongly urges all eligible Democratic voters to take advantage of this “early voting” to avoid what is certain to be heavy turnout and hours-long delays at county polling precincts on Tuesday, November 8.

“The Trump campaign is asking its supporters to challenge voters in heavily Democratic districts or predominantly African-American neighborhoods,” said Bennie Swans, HCDP Chair. “By voting Absentee, you can eliminate the chance of long delays and potential disruptions when you go to cast your vote.”

absentee-voted1There are plenty of good reasons to cast an Absentee ballot either In-Person or By-Mail before Election Day. Here are just a few:

Will you be at work, in school, or on vacation? Are you age 65 or older?

Will you be serving on military or jury duty?

Will you be in the hospital? Do you have an illness or disability that makes it difficult to travel or stand on long lines? Or perhaps you are the caregiver for someone else who is sick or disabled?

Here’s how to cast an Absentee Ballot:

  • VOTE IN-PERSON. This is the simplest method. Go to the Horry County Voters Registration & Election Commission office, 1515 4th Avenue, Conway, SC 29526. The office is open Monday-Friday, 8 am-5pm. Call (843)915-5440. Photo ID Requirements.
  • VOTE BY-MAIL. This is a multiple-step procedure. Call Horry County Voters Registration (843)915-5440 to request an application form, or download the form from SCVotes.org. You must complete and return the application before an Absentee ballot will be mailed to you. Follow instructions carefully and be sure to have a witness signature. Many Absentee By-Mail votes are disqualified due to failure to get a witness signature.

Absentee Voting

Contact HCDP with any questions or concerns about Absentee voting. Call (843)488-4237 or contact@horrydemocrats.org

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