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You Can Make a Difference in 2018!

by Nancy Anderson.

Are you fed up with the political status quo and ready to work hard to elect Democrats in 2018 and beyond?

This spring, just as in every even year, South Carolina Democrats will come together to elect officers from each precinct, as well as delegates to the county and state Democratic Party conventions, in a process known as precinct reorganization. This will take place March 24 at the Academy for Arts and Technology, 5639 US -701 N, Conway.

The current Horry County Democratic Party Executive Committee has voted to hold our precinct reorganization event on the same day as our county convention. Horry County has 122 precincts, and the goal is to elect officers from each. Precinct level elections are the foundation of our grass roots outreach to voters. Building for success begins here!

The presidential election of 2016 served as a wakeup call for progressive activists. The Horry County Democratic Party has been the fortunate recipient of many new volunteers who have brought their considerable talents and energies to party activities during the last year.

Take the Next Step

HCDP invites all those new volunteers and our community allies to take the next step and get involved in the precinct and county party officer election processes. Our party also needs long-time precinct and county party officers and volunteers to participate.

It has been said that 2018 could be a blue tsunami, so Horry County Democrats who want to work for this change need to get involved in precinct reorganization. Building for success begins here!

Many volunteers are needed to help plan precinct reorganization and our county convention. If you are interested, please contact the HCDP office at (843)488-4237 or Nancy Anderson at (843)340-1595.

Stay tuned for further details about precinct reorganization and the county convention. In the meantime…


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