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Democrats: Fighting for You

The challenges facing South Carolinians and all Americans continue to grow as the Republican administration both in Columbia and in Washington continually take actions that are contrary to the well-being of every day citizens.

HCDP’s Take a Stand campaign focuses on those challenges and issues, and encourages voters to stand up, speak up, and join in the fight to make our community, our state and our nation one that recognizes the value and rights of everyone and where everyone has an opportunity to grow and to prosper.

Here is what we stand for:

Equality for all. Period

  • Ending education, housing, wage-gap disparities
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Ending systemic racism
  • LGBTQ equality and rights
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Ending mass incarceration
  • Exposing and opposing white nationalism and hate groups

Improving economic opportunities for all

  • Combating poverty and high unemployment
  • Providing a living wage with benefits
  • Supporting economic development initiatives
  • Protecting Social Security from benefit cuts
  • Stopping Tax give-aways to the wealthy and big business

Protecting our right to vote

  • Fighting election fraud
  • Improving the voting process
  • Combating voter suppression

Protecting the environment

  • Banning offshore drilling
  • Combating climate change through clean, renewable energy
  • Limiting use of disposable plastics

Providing affordable health care

  • Preserving and improving the Affordable Care Act
  • Fighting Cuts in Medicare & Medicaid
  • Expanding Medicaid under ACA
  • Supporting efforts to reduce the cost of prescription drugs
  • Protecting women’s reproductive rights
  • Improving care for veterans and senior citizens

Supporting quality education

  • Fighting to preserve and improve funding for public schools
  • Tackling the student debt crisis
  • Advocating for improved pay for our educators
  • Ending the school-to-prison pipeline
  • Increasing mental health services in schools
  • Promoting inclusive safe sex education

Enacting sensible gun laws

  • Fighting for stronger background checks
  • Supporting restrictions on assault-style weapons
  • Supporting gun safety initiatives

Improving transportation and our infrastructure

  • Improving public transportation
  • Improving our roads and highways

Join us. Take a Stand!

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