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Democrats: Time To Take Inventory – of Ourselves

By Stacie Pearman

We, as Democrats, have much to say about a multitude of topics. We are passionate about change for our country. We care about ending racism. We cringe at our crumbling public school system under Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVoss. We CARE about a lot of things.

Does it sometimes feel like screaming into the wind?

Sure, it does. Yet we press on. But perhaps we should take a moment to look at ourselves as a party before we continue on together.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. How often do we proclaim our astonishment that people are still on board the Trump train, or that we just don’t think we can bear another family gathering with our Republican relatives? Probably often. These thoughts and feelings are common among so many Democrats.

But are we taking the time to do a real inventory of ourselves? Would that help?

We know the Democratic platform is one for the people. We believe in our Constitution. In Democracy. We believe in being good to each other and we relish our differences. We proclaim to live these values that bind us as Democrats. But have the stakes of the upcoming 2020 election caused us to be poor examples of our platform that we so proudly tout?

Friends, we must look in the mirror.

Are we respectfully agreeing to disagree in discussions amongst ourselves? Are we offering support and offering our time and resources when possible? Are we really getting behind local talent, down ballot candidates or are we just hitting the “share button”?

Recently, there has been a disturbing trend of frustration and bickering within our own ranks. Perhaps it is the stress of all that is at stake in this coming election cycle. Maybe it’s burnout from the constant degradation of our democracy at the hands of the Trump Administration. Perhaps it’s the harsh reality of balancing work, family and community activism with bills getting higher and paychecks not changing in decades.

This is why we must practice a bit of self-care and reflection now, before we become our own worst enemies right at the time Trump Republicans want it the most. After all, division is the hope of both the Trump campaign and the Russians, right?

Horry County Democrats, South Carolina Democrats, the Democratic Party of the United States of America must reflect….NOW. If we cannot practice civility, empathy and professionalism with each other, does our platform of doing the most good for the American people hold the weight and have the impact we intend and that we desperately need it to have?

It is imperative that we take a moment and make sure we are taking care of our own house before we attempt to take on the care of the entire neighborhood.

Let us, as strong Democrats, commit to treating ourselves the way we proclaim that all people deserve to be treated. This will improve the credibility of our message to the world…that ALL people are entitled to respect. If we cannot do that for each other, we become just as hypocritical as the Trump Administration and that is the last thing any of us wants.

The time is NOW. Take a Stand against disrespect and divisiveness.

Stacie Pearman, a member of the HCDP Communications Committee, is president of the Young Democrats of Horry County.

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