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Final Screening of “Sonic Sea” on Aug. 31

The final summer screening of “Sonic Sea” is set for Wednesday, August 31 at 7:00 pm in Myrtle Beach. Details on location are here.

The film is a powerful testimony to the impact on marine animals of man-made noise such as shipping, sonar and seismic blasting. Although offshore drilling for oil and gas in the Atlantic Ocean has been postponed for at least five years, the federal government is now evaluating proposals for seismic air-gun testing. Attendees will be invited to sign a petition to President Obama asking for the removal of seismic testing from the 2017-2022 program.


Following the film, Peg Howell, a former petroleum engineer and activist with SODA – Stop Offshore Drilling in the Atlantic – will explain how proposed seismic testing in the Atlantic threatens endangered species such as the Northern right whale and loggerhead turtles, as well as the local fishing industry.

Grand Strand residents who have attended previous screenings shared these reactions:

 Profoundly moving.”

  “I had no idea about the devastating noise we humans make in the ocean.”

  “This film is deeply disturbing, but I do see hope for change.”

  “If seismic blasting if permitted, there will be a huge public outcry when dead marine animals and fish start washing ashore.”

  “Anyone who cares about protecting life in the Atlantic must see this film.”




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