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HCDP Cancels, Meetings, Convention Due to Coronavirus

The Horry County Democratic Party will close its office for the next two weeks and will tentatively reopen March 30. We will suspend all committee meetings and I strongly suggest that club Presidents cancel or postpone meetings during this period.  If you can accomplish objectives via email and phone, please do so.

The  Precinct Reorganization “make-up” scheduled for March 19 is cancelled. If you want to be involved as a precinct officer, and/or if you want to be a delegate to the county or state convention, rules have been relaxed. Send me a note with your name, precinct name, the precinct office you want to be considered for, and indicate if you want to be a delegate to the county or state convention.

horrydems@yahoo.com                         843-504-5489

Trav Robertson, Chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, has postponed all county conventions. HCDP’s county convention scheduled for March 30 is postponed. Trav has promised direction by mid-week on the best way to proceed with county conventions. As soon as I receive direction, I will share it with you.

Don Kohn, Chairman

Horry County Democratic Party

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