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HCDP Chair Urges GOTV Action at Galivants Ferry Stump

by Bob Gatty.

Horry County Democrats and many from across the state heard some rousing political speeches at the 2018 Galivants Ferry Stump, held outside the Pee Dee Farms General Store in Galivants Ferry Saturday, April 14, cheering pledges to elect Democrats this year.

“There ain’t but one thing I know that’s more beautiful than a blue sky,” said U.S. Rep James Clyburn (D-SC) 6th District. “[It’s] a blue state.” Clyburn encouraged those in the crowd to be sure to register and vote in the June 12 primary and November 6 general elections.

“Welcome to a reenergized Democratic Party,” declared HCDP Chair Don Kohn. “We have enthusiasm. We have a plan, and we have attitude,” he said. “Get active and get out and vote and bring a friend with you.”

Held on a weekend for the first time ever, the Galivant Ferry Stump is a political rally of South Carolina tradition, with bluegrass music, face painting, pony rides and petting goats for the kids, and rousing political speeches by candidates from those running for governor to local offices, including the three Democratic candidates for governor, Phil Noble, James Smith and Marguerite Willis, and four candidates for the U.S. Congress 7th District seat, Dr. Bruce Fisher, Bill Hopkins, Mal Hyman and Robert Williams.

State Democratic Chair Trav Robertson rallied Democrats, blaming Republicans for the state’s high energy bills, lack of affordable health care for many, and for a “culture of corruption that runs deep and wide.”

Said Robertson, “It’s one set of rules for them and another set of rules for you.”

“We’re going to get the Congress back and we’re going to get the White House back,” declared Rep. Clyburn. He urged the gubernatorial candidates to make education their top priority. “Let people know what you are going to do for their children,” he said.

HCDP’s clubs and related organizations were on hand with enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers who provided information to visitors about their activities. In addition to the regional Democratic Clubs, HCDP’s Gun Sense Committee, the Democratic Women’s Council of Horry County, and the Myrtle Beach Horry County Democratic LGBT Committee, and those opposing offshore drilling all were well represented.

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