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HCDP Responds to Murder of George Floyd

The Horry County Democratic Party stands in solidarity with the peaceful protestors, Black Lives Matter and all citizens of good conscience.

We must take a stand for changing the procedures in police departments across the country, starting with the elimination of “choke hold” and other policies that brutalize our communities of color. It must be a universal rejection of these policies and it must start NOW! We can no longer look the other way as some officers abuse the powers that they hold, standing behind the blue wall of silence, which leads to the death of innocent black and brown people*. Too often we stand by, shake our heads and say how horrible this or that is, but what change have we made in our own hearts?

White privilege* is real! We must acknowledge it and teach our children from an early age about their privilege just because of the color of their skin. Too many of us don’t realize what a difference white privilege makes in our lives and how the lack of this privilege affects other races. Being white means you do not have to face the prejudices and discrimination that black and brown Americans face.

Racism is taught, it is not inherent to us. Children, left to their own devices, have no pre-judgements or prejudices. It is their family members that introduce prejudice and racism into their innocent lives. So we ask that you search your own soul and heart to see if, where and when, you may have contributed to racist comments or actions in your own lives. This may be an uncomfortable moment for some, but better to be uncomfortable now and change, than to go through life blaming “the other guy” for something we have also participated in and supported. If someone tells a racist joke or uses a racist phrase you must speak up and reject that behavior otherwise you are no better than they are!

Heed the words of Presidents Obama, Clinton and yes, even Bush, who have offered sage advice and condemned the murder of Mr. Floyd and the ignorance and inflammatory actions of the present occupant of the White House. Press our Senators and Representatives to speak out against the ongoing murders of our black and brown brothers and sisters. Hold them accountable and charge them to commit to enacting police policy reform.

We have long enjoyed the music and cuisine of black and brown cultures but how many of us support their businesses? How many have read the words of James Badwin, Langston Hughes, Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou and countless others? Does the art of Jonathan Green, which celebrates our local Gullah culture, decorate your home? The words of the authors hit deep in the heart and soul, the artist celebrates the rich culture of everyday life – with all it’s joy and sadness. Enrich your lives by expanding your horizon to the beauty of these works!

This is a time to speak out, to be heard, along with the chorus of millions of others who seek equality, freedom and justice for ALL of our citizens. It is also a time to VOTE. There is power in voting and we can make a change that will get our beloved country back on track and headed down the correct path. One vote can make a difference; you can be that difference. Together, arm in arm, marching together, we can make the change this country needs and deserves.

*A good source to learn more about white privilege is by viewing the documentary ”White Like Me” by Tim Wise, which can be found on YouTube. He has also written many articles and books that will further enlighten you.


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