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Horry County Democratic Party Believes in Quality Education

By Doris Potter Hickman

We, as Democrats believe in a quality education from pre-K to college level that will empower all of our young people to achieve their goal in life.

Why Does Education Matter?  It is because the future of our children and young people is at stake.  During this pandemic, it is critical that parents and teachers play a major role in their children’s and young people’s lives, and they are struggling with the choice of which is the best and safest method of learning during this pandemic. Safety is the key component balanced with the objective to learn face-to-face or by virtual learning.

As Democrats, we believe parents should be involved and choose the method of their children’s education.

We believe parents should motivate and create a desire for their children to be actively engaged in their learning, be it virtual or face-to-face. Parents should state how important it is to be educated; they should monitor their children’ learning at home and reward them for their efforts expended; they should insist that their assignments, homework and all activities are done neatly, correctly and in a timely manner.  And at all times, they must make sure that the learning is challenging.

Horry County Democrats support and stand with parents and teachers and support our schools.

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