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Horry GOP: ‘We’re in dire need of reform’

The Horry County Republican Party is lacking effective leadership, faces internal divisions, and appears to be suffering from the effects of over-confidence that stems from historic political domination according to this recent article on the MyrtleBeachSC.com website.

“Attendance at both membership and executive committee meetings began to decrease. The five standing committees directed by the HCGOP By-laws remained unfilled.”, says Steve Hoffman (Vice Chairman – Horry County Republican Party).

This sounds much like the current Trump Administration, doesn’t it? And, by the looks of the Horry County Republican Party’s “Get Involved” page on their website, it does not appear that they are actively seeking Horry County citizens to actually get involved in their party’s initiatives – as the page is completely blank!

Further, Hoffman adds this very nice accolade for the Democrat Party and the Horry County Democratic Party, and we thank him for his kind words:

Ladies and gentlemen…the times they are a changing…
All you have to do is look at our neighboring states of Georgia and North Carolina where the Democrat Party has made significant inroads. Even the once solid Red state of Texas recently saw an upsurge in the number of Democrats elected to their statehouse. And then may I remind you that we lost an almost certain Republican Congressional seat down in Charleston just last year.

The Democrat Party now has its eyes on South Carolina. They are organized, well financed and one of their priorities is to turn Horry County Blue. Don’t believe me, just look at the Horry County Democrat Party web page, www.horrydemocrats.org. Their site is loaded with information on their organization, current issues, news, an events calendar packed with Democrat Party activities that are occurring each month throughout our county, and other information on how to donate your time and money to their party.

As always, the Democratic Party and the Horry County Democratic Party welcome those “from the other side of the aisle” to join us in improving the lives of all people in Horry County, South Carolina, and our country, said HCDP Chair Don Kohn. “We depend on citizen supporters like you. So, Get Involved!  Our army of volunteers grows exponentially every day and we welcome new participants. There are plenty of opportunities to help as we work together to Turn Horry Blue.”

And remember, Kohn said, the upcoming election will be one of the most important in history. “So, it’s time to take a stand.”

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