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Eliminate Uncontrolled Gun Purchases: Gun Sense Committee Holds Vigil at MB Gun Show

Above Photo: Members From Various Local Groups Come Out to Help HCDP Support Gun Sense in Myrtle Beach

by Rosemary Wolfe

The HCDP Gun Sense Committee, joined by others in the Horry County community, once again assembled with banners and homemade placards across from the Gun Show at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center on November 3rd to protest the absence of full, enhanced and monitored background checks for all sales at gun shows.

Only licensed dealers in South Carolina are required to do background checks with a three day waiting period. At the Gun Show, background checks by licensed and unlicensed sellers are virtually instantaneous and not monitored or managed.

Representatives from Moms Demand Action, the Horry County Chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and the Pete Buttigieg campaign were among those joining the protest.

HCDP Gun Sense Committee Member Florence Barva (l) joined by members of the AAUW

HCDP Takes a Stand on Gun Sense

HCDP wants full and enhanced background checks for all gun sales in South Carolina, including private, gun show and online sales.

This would eliminate the Charleston loophole which allows gun sales to proceed even if background checks are not finished. Enhancing background checks would also quicken the time for felony convictions and restraint orders to be added.

HCDP also wants a ban on civilian ownership of assault style weapons and a ban on the purchase and use of bump stocks.

Another currently ignored prime factor being advocated in gun purchases is the thorough evaluation of mental health issues in the purchase and restriction of weapons purchases. HCDP supports keeping guns out of the hands of those with established mental health issues who may be a danger to themselves or others.

SC Legislature Inaction

Over the past 2 years, since the Gun Sense Committee has aimed to gain the support of the public and community and political leaders in addressing the violence and misuse of guns, more than 50 bills have been introduced in the South Carolina legislature. None have passed.

The time for action is NOW. Take a Stand for Gun Sense in South Carolina.

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