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HCDP - For Immediate Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Stroll to the Polls with HCDP

***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** Contact: Voter Protection Committee - vpcrus2023@gmail.com Phone: (843)488-4237 Location: Starts at HCDP Office 311-C Beaty Street VOTE EARLY: Stroll to the Polls with HCDP Early Voters for municipal elections around Horry County will be joined by supporters to Stroll to the Polls Wednesday, Oct. 25 at 12 noon, starting at the HCDP Office, 311-C Beaty St.,…
poll watcher

Protect Our Vote – Be a Poll Watcher

Casting a ballot is your most fundamental right as an American. Everyone in the process, from voters and poll workers to candidates and their supporters, must work to ensure that voting runs smoothly. New machines, clerical errors, weary voters exhausted by long lines and uncertainty in crowded polling places—and sometimes over-zealous candidates and campaign volunteers—can…

Horry GOP: ‘We’re in dire need of reform’

The Horry County Republican Party is lacking effective leadership, faces internal divisions, and appears to be suffering from the effects of over-confidence that stems from historic political domination according to this recent article on the MyrtleBeachSC.com website. "Attendance at both membership and executive committee meetings began to decrease. The five standing committees directed by the HCGOP…
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