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HCDP’s New TV Ads: You Have the Power!

Two new TV commercials promoting Democratic issues and urging voters to vote for Democratic candidates launched Tuesday, Oct. 16 and will run through the election.

The ads are an important component of Horry County Democratic Party’s media advertising campaign that is designed to encourage voters to take action and vote for candidates who will actually support them, rather than electing candidates who then represent big money special interests and the current administrations both in Washington and Columbia.

The underlying theme of the campaign, which includes TV, radio, billboards, newspapers, digital and social media is “You have the power. Use it!”

That theme line is directed at independent and Democratic voters who have stayed away from the polls because they believe Republicans are so dominant that their vote will be wasted. It is also aimed at disaffected Republicans who are disappointed with the current direction of our nation.

The television ads appear on selected programming on the HTC and Spectrum cable networks, including CNN, MSNBC, BET, Lifetime, HJGTV and ESPN on HTC and BET, CNN, Lifetime, MSNBC and VH-1 on Spectrum.

The initial :30 spot compares and contrasts current developments with positive Democratic principles. The second, which will be aired in the second half of the TV campaign, urges voters to go to the polls and vote for the entire Horry County Democratic team.

The closing line: “You have the power. Use it!”

HCDP wishes to thank former broadcaster and Democratic activist Lorraine Woodward for doing the voice-over in the second commercial.

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