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Everyone Needs to “Take a Stand!”

By Don Kohn.

The SC Democratic convention in Columbia this past weekend was a great kick off to the Feb 29 primary election. Virtually every candidate was present and every one of them had a positive message. Very little time and attention was paid to Donald J. Trump.

SC Democratic Chair Trav Robertson and his team were elected to a second term to lead us through the 2020 election and beyond.

There is a ton of energy coming out of the convention, both from the candidates and from the delegates.

Counties are working together. The eight counties of US House District Seven are working together and sharing ideas (young voters, party organization, etc).

I am also working with the county chairs of Georgetown and Charleston county to recruit a candidate.

We have many great presidential candidates. We may disagree on who is the best, but it is very clear that any one of them would be a huge improvement over Trump.

At the convention, delegates were able to meet face to face with those candidates, and we invited candidates to visit Horry County, to both the Grand Strand and our very important rural areas.

Time to Take a Stand

Now the work needs to get done. The 2020 election will be the most consequential election of our lifetime, arguably the most consequential in American history.

Everyone! Everyone! needs to “Take a Stand!”

We made a giant step forward in our last mid-term election, when we saw a 100 peercent increase in Democratic voters over the 2014 mid-term. Now we need to exponentially increase the number of voters in 2020.

You are the difference.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Register voters
  • Educate voters
  • Help with fund raising or Donate
  • Help protect voting rights
  • Join our Communications team
  • Get involved with training
  • Be a part of getting out the vote

We are still looking for candidates for many offices. Run or recommend someone to run.

Everyone has a skill that can help elect Democrats, that can help turn Horry County Blue!

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