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SC Dem Convention: Alive, Inspiring, Unifying

By Stacie Pearman.

The South Carolina Democratic Convention was alive, it was inspiring, it was informative; but above all, it was unifying. There were, of course, energized camps for each campaign but the message of Democrats above individuals was clear among attendees.

Regardless of the individual preference of candidate, the message that Democrats must band together and back our nominee to defeat Trump was evident and unifiying among attendees, and even some of the candidates made a point to highlight the need to come together behind the Democrat nominee.

The Young Democrats of South Carolina kicked off the Convention Weekend with a kick-off event at the World of Beer. Having access to some of the candidates in a more intimate setting gave the YDSC a chance to voice their concerns, share ideas and express that the population encompassed by the YDSC has a unique skill set and mobilization that can be beneficial to any candidate running for any office both in state and nationally.

While many candidates made it a point to express how desperately Trump must be defeated, it was refreshing that Donald Trump was not the focus of the message of any candidate. In fact, most candidates stuck to expressing their own positions and feelings, their plans and their individual stories.

Donald Trump did not take up space at the South Carolina Democratic Convention!

Many candidates outlined plans for education reform, an issue close to the heart of South Carolina, who languishes near the bottom of the rankings nationwide in education. There was some mention of gun violence, however, Congressman Eric Swalwell made it the biggest part of his platform and was very well received by the crowd.

A common topic was also bringing jobs to South Carolina through the implementation of clean energy in our state. Childcare assistance and student loan forgiveness were also hot topics with many candidates, especially Elizabeth Warren.

The event was a success for a variety of reason but most importantly, because Democrats came together and vowed to remain together, regardless of who ultimately wins the Democratic nomination.

With a unified goal and a commitment to unity, the Democrats will continue to rise in South Carolina into the future.

It’s Time to Take a Stand.

Pictured: Stacie Pearman, president of Horry County Young Democrats, takes a selfie with Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
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