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Pride Month 2020 Marked by Tribulations and Jubilations

By Doneva Garcia

June is traditionally observed as LGBTQ Pride Month. This year’s celebration, however, has been marked by several historic events that will forever change the narrative of our country.

First, the global pandemic cause by COVID-19, continues to be a national crisis. Most Pride events have been cancelled or moved to virtual celebrations.

Then the unjustified killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers spurred national riots, nightly protests against police brutality and bigotry. These events are initiating long overdue momentous civil rights changes that hopefully will begin to correct centuries of injustice inflicted on the country’s many underserved minority groups, including LGBTQ populations.

Then there is the Trump administration, which has delivered multiple reversals in race relations and gay rights, including this month’s revocation of nondiscrimination provisions in healthcare that protected sexual and gender minorities.

However, new and unexpected hope came with the Supreme Court ruling this week which provided a new reason for celebration this month. In a surprise move, Republican appointees Justice Neil Gorsuch and Chief Justice John Roberts joined liberal justices in a 6-3 ruling. They said Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibiting discrimination “because of sex” includes gay and transgender employees.

So, despite – or maybe because of – the calamities and tragedies we have experienced as a nation recently, perhaps we have turned a corner, with new reasons to be hopeful for our future.

3D graphics image by Quince Creative

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