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June 12 Primary – Coming Soon!

by Don Kohn.

On Tuesday, June 12, Horry County Democrats have an opportunity to help set the course for 2018 as we continue our drive to end one-party control in South Carolina and elect caring, concerned and highly qualified Democrats for national, state and local offices.

The big blue wave is building across the nation and we all must do our part in ending Republican rule both in Washington and here in our own Palmetto State. Allowing the status quo, both in Washington and in Columbia, is unconscionable.

In Washington, the Republican Congress is serving as an echo chamber for President Donald Trump and his policies that are dismantling protections for people, including the most vulnerable among us. They are determined to drill off our coast and threaten the livelihoods of thousands of South Carolinians who rely on tourism to feed their families.

In Columbia, the Republican governor and state legislators have sold out to the energy companies, increasing our utility bills, are attempting to enact restrictions on women’s rights to choose, and are refusing to even consider sensible gun legislation to protect our citizens.

Thus, it is critically important for all Democrats to inform themselves about our candidates, make selections, and then get out to vote on June 12 – or take advantage of early voting opportunities. We are proud of all of our candidates and are confident that those who win their nominations on June 12 will run effective, positive and winning campaigns heading into the November 6 general election.

Typically, the turnout for primary elections is very low – often less than 15 percent of eligible voters. We simply must do better than that. We need to build momentum going into November, and the primary is just the beginning of that drive as we seek to turn Horry County blue.

You can get lots of information about our candidates here, but here’s a list by office:

Phil Noble
James Smith
Marguerite Willis

US Congress, District 7
Dr. Bruce Fischer
Bill Hopkins
Mal Hyman
Robert Williams

SC State House

District 103
Carl Anderson
Dedric Bonds
John Henry

District 5
Jackie Hayes
Archie Scott
Jack Scott

Horry County Council

District 7
Harold Phillips
Lee Sherman

In addition, there are two advisory ballot questions:

  1. Do you support passing a state law allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to patients?


  1. Do you support passing a state law requiring the governor of South Carolina to accept all federal revenues offered to support Medicaid and Medicare expansion efforts in the state?


You can find background information on many of these candidates here. Do your research, make your decision, and then be sure to vote in the June 12 primary.


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