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March in March: Tradition Continues with Press Briefing and Rally

Following a tradition begun in 2017, the Horry County Democratic Party (HCDP) will hold a 12 Noon press briefing and rally March 14 at the Voter Registration and Elections Office in Conway in recognition of the anniversary of Dr. King’s sermon “March on Ballot Boxes.”

The event began in 2017 following the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s visit to Kingstree’s Tomlinson High School. There, in 1966, Mother’s Day was being celebrated and attendees wore their Sunday best. Before Dr. King’s arrival, it started to rain. In spite of the rain and rumors that there would be “trouble,” everyone remained. When Dr. King arrived and began speaking, the sun came out, and he urged attendees to register voters and get out the vote.

“The need to urge our people to register to vote is as urgent now as it was when Dr. King gave his sermon ‘March on Ballot Boxes’.” said Grace Gifford, who chairs HCDP’s Voter Protection Committee. “Some tricky nuances were added when voting legislation was last passed so when you register to vote, be aware.”

South Carolina has added three weeks of no excuse early voting as well as other changes to voting laws that HCDP urges everyone to be aware of. The SC Votes – South Carolina Election Commission website contains vital information to make voting a smooth process.

Some key points about voter registration will be a focus of the March in March event, including the following:

  • South Carolina voters do not register by party.
  • Voters should verify their registration – glitches in the electronic poll books might accidentally delete a voter.
  • The Voter Protection Clinic (843-488-4237) provides answers to voter registration questions and can help verify your registration.
  • The DMV will register you to vote but anyone registering through DMV should check to make sure their registration reached the State Election Commission.
  • High school and college students can register to vote using their school ID, but must present one of the allowed photo IDs in order to vote. College students can register to vote at their college address – either on or off campus.
  • Citizens with felony convictions can re-register to vote if the sentence and any probation and parole periods are completed or if a pardon is granted.
  • Someone else can deliver your voter registration form but it must arrive 30 days before an election for you to be eligible to vote.
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