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Attacking Our Freedoms: Part Three, Freedom from Want

On January 6, 1941, Franklin Roosevelt delivered what became known as “The Four Freedoms” speech. It was later illustrated by artist Norman Rockwell in a series of paintings for “The Saturday Evening Post." In this series, I will be examining the threats to these freedoms as they are attacked by the current administration and Trump’s…
To The Point

When the Religious Right Influences Public Policy

By Bob Gatty. Ever since President Trump has been in office the religious right and ultra conservative lawmakers have clamored to influence federal policies, particularly those affecting education and healthcare. It’s remarkable that these groups support Trump, who cannot be described as a devout Christian given his many transgressions, but he has repaid their loyalty with the…

HCDP on the Issues

by Bob Gatty, Director of Communications Horry County Democratic Party has developed a series of “white papers” outlining our position, concerns, and call-to-action on the many issues that affect us all. The papers are available here or by clicking on the “Issues” navigation button above. The papers, developed by an outstanding team of volunteer writers and editors…
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