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SC Bill Calls for Death Penalty as Punishment for Abortion

The right-wing extremists are at it again in Columbia and now in their gunsights are women who undergo an abortion. Rep. Rob Harris (R-Spartanburg County) has introduced House Bill 3549, which would make the death penalty a possible punishment for women in the Palmetto State who have an abortion. The bill, called the South Carolina Preenatal…
An Irresponsible Governor Henry McMaster and the "Gates of Hell"

An Irresponsible Governor and the “Gates of Hell”

By Bob Gatty Even though more and more people are contracting COVID-19 and dying in South Carolina, Gov. Henry McMaster has vowed to fight “to the gates of Hell” against mandates for governments, businesses, and schools ordered by President Biden. The governor, and other Republican governors, are vehemently fighting the requirements and the Republican National Committee has…
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