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To Our American Heroes

By Bob Gatty.

This is an open letter of grateful appreciation to all of the men and women who are serving our country and who previously have served in the armed forces of our nation.

You are deserving of the thanks of a grateful nation for the sacrifice that it takes to serve in the Armed Forces, to risk your lives for the cause of freedom, for being away from your families, for giving up so much.

Your work can be grueling and dangerous. You travel to far off lands that are ripped by war and you engage in your mission with determination, courage and honor.

Often, your families wait here at home, dreading the knock on the door that could bring devastating news, and hoping, praying for your safe return. And, while you are away, your spouses carry on, raising the children, providing the support they need and, most likely, holding down at least one job to make ends meet.

And then, when you come home there is that time of adjustment. A time when you wonder why you were spared from the IUD that took the lives and limbs of your comrades. A time when you need both physical and psychological support that often is lacking. A time when you must find work to support that family with whom you have been reunited.

You deal with so much more. More than I can possibly comprehend.

You are our heroes. You have served your nation and its people. You deserve only the best this country can provide, and we must do better by you.

To say “Thank you for your service” seems so trite, so little for such a sacrifice. But it is true. We who have been kept safe by your courage and contribution and are eternally grateful.

So thank you for your service, young men and women. And for you veterans of years gone by, thank you as well. We all are grateful for the contributions you have made. You have helped to keep us safe, helped our nation to survive and to thrive.

I created the brief video above in your honor. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Memorial Day.

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