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“Party Time?” Video Launched

The Horry County Democratic Party Communications Team has just completed and launched a terrific new video, “Party Time?”, which is less than 30 seconds illustrates dozens of reasons why voters should consider supporting the Democratic Party instead of the party of President Trump.

We intend to use this video throughout the campaign and invite you to share it with your friends and neighbors. It very nicely supports other videos that our team has created, including “Democrats Speak on the Issues” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIEJ-MOFEk8&t=9s
and another new video, “Why I am a Democrat,” which has not yet been released.

We thanks videographer David Hinshaw for creating “Party Time?” and the “Issues” video, and Michael Gatewood for creating “Why I am a Democrat.”

Other videos are in the works by both of our talented videographers to help support our party, our issues, and our candidates.

Please subscribe to the HCDP YouTube channel for more videos.

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