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An Open Letter to Governor Henry McMaster


Based upon your recent comments, it’s o you don’t like Democrats very much. If truth be told, we don’t like you much either. The difference is, we don’t have to, but you were elected to serve ALL South Carolinians, not just those who voted for you. So, when you make remarks that you would “hunt them (Democrats) with dogs”, you are violating the oath you swore to when you took office.

That you say it was a joke only compounds your ignorance. Being hunted with dogs is exactly what happened to runaway slaves, so the “joke” is not only threatening, but also racist. It heartens back to a past to a time when people were seen as less than human and therefore not entitled to the legal protections granted others.

Was that your point, governor? Are Democrats not entitled to the same life, liberty and pursuit of happiness granted to those who supported you?

In a state that still celebrates Confederate Memorial Day and, until recently, hung the Confederate flag next to Old Glory, it’s to be expected from the average citizen, but we should expect more from our elected officials.

But I guess you’re to be forgiven because you’re a product of a South Carolina education. It’s a system that routinely ranks at or near the bottom of the rankings when it comes to education. Not taking lessons from history, you may be unaware of the connotations of your comments.

It’s also the reason you have expressed such disdain for Democrats. Many of us came from the North in search of warmer climates and lured by the myth of Southern hospitality. We are well educated and are aware of the lessons history has taught us, but when we try to share our knowledge, we are met with insults, told to go back where we came from and even threatened with violence, as evidenced by your recent comments.

You claim to support educators, but during COVID lockdowns, and despite your denials, you did lock the state down, you demanded schools reopen without safety precautions. You wanted teachers to put their lives, and the lives of their students, at risk because “that’s what parents wanted”.

These same parents are also products of an inferior education system, which is just how South Carolina lawmakers appear to want it. They want a less informed, easily manipulated population so they can enact legislation that will restrict voting rights, eliminate a woman’s access to adequate healthcare and send the LBTGQ population back into the closet.

If you truly want to support education, ban guns instead of books. Having to interrupt lessons for a lockdown drill is counterproductive. Arm teachers with proper materials instead of guns.

Like it or not (I’m leaning towards not) we aren’t going anywhere. So, bring on your dogs. Armed with our superior knowledge, we will eventually defeat them, or even get them over to our side.

C J Waldron is a resident of Conway, SC.
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