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Rise Up! Take a Stand!

By Bob Gatty.

As the nation faces the prospect of potentially divisive Trump impeachment proceedings, the importance of Democrats rising up and taking a stand on behalf of everyday Americans and South Carolinians becomes ever more evident.

That is exactly what HCDP has been doing with its “Take a Stand” marketing campaign, which will become increasingly visible as the 2020 elections draw ever closer.

As part of that campaign, we have a new music video, “Rise Up!”, created by Nashville blues artist Scott Ramminger and his team of outstanding musicians and artists that will become an important part of this effort in support of Democratic candidates up and down the ticket.

Rise Up – By Scott Ramminger

Another school shooting and it barely makes the news, Russians… politicians… trouble in the ozone, immigrants, prejudice and bigotry all are targets in this brilliant original production.

“We’ve got to stop this madness before it’s too late,” Ramminger sings. “Nothing will get better if we sit around and wait. Come on people, enough is enough. It’s time to get moving, we’ve got to rise up.”

HCDP has received permission to add our Take a Stand branding for use during the upcoming election campaign. We are grateful to Ramminger for his generosity.

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