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Carolina Forest Dems Kick into High Gear

By Bob Gatty.

Horry County Democratic Party Chair Don Kohn Wednesday night urged Carolina Forest Democrats to jump on board HCDP’s 2019-2020 voter registration campaign and actively participate in other party activities in preparation for the critically important 2020 elections.

“Today is the beginning of the 2020 election cycle,” said Kohn, as he urged every Democrat to register at least 10 voters per month between now and the election. The overall goal, he said, is to register 20,000 new voters.

The Party, said Kohn, is working to enlist quality candidates for county, state and federal offices, and urged those interested to contact him. Dr. Bruce Fischer, a candidate for the state House of Representatives, was introduced and invited volunteers and contributions.

HCDP, Kohn explained, has launched its fundraising initiatives for 2020 with the goal of promoting Democrats and assisting Democratic candidates.

Key components of that campaign will be the June 29 annual Sen. Dick Elliott Memorial Golf Outing and the annual SHORE Dinner, Sept. 28, as well as an ongoing fundraising appeal. Barbara Eisenhart, chair of the golf outing committee, announced that a hole-in-one contest will be held again this year, with two cars – a Corvette and a Cadillac Escalade – as prizes.

Teachers Need Support

Cori ShufordGuest speaker at the meeting was Cori Shuford, a Carolina Forest Elementary teacher, who is leading an effort with the teachers’ organization, SC for Ed, seeking improved pay for teachers to be included in H.3759, now pending in the SC House of Representatives.

Shuford expressed opposition to provisions of the bill that would divert financial resources from public schools to charter schools and would allow higher scoring schools to employ non-certified teachers.

Although Shuford has a master’s degree, she said she is still required to take additional courses at her own expense. “I have to take extra classes that I have to pay for, but you’re going to let these schools hire 25 percent non-certified teachers? Does that make sense?”

“The bill is a hot mess,” she declared, urging the public to contact their state legislators and express their opposition.

Black History Month

Carolina Forest Dems were urged to participate in the HCDP commemoration of Black History Month Tuesday, Feb. 26 at 12N, for food, music, speeches and entertainment.

If you have a favorite food or drink item you wish to bring, please call the office at (843)488-4237 or stop by to notify us and/or to get more information. Stop by the office to make a contribution towards the HCDP Black History Celebration 2019. Or, see a State EC or Alt.: Doris J. Potter-Hickman Cedric Blain-Spain Nancy Anderson Ryan Thompson.

Stefan VarnerAlso, in commemoration of Black History Month, Stefan Varner, chair of the Myrtle Beach-Horry County Democratic LGBT Committee, urged Carolina Forest Dems to “reach beyond where we’ve been in the past.”

Noting that like African Americans, LGBTQ individuals face discriminatory practices and often feel “unwelcome,” he said. And, referring to the “black face” controversies that have embroiled Virginia politics, Varner said, “We’re all at a different place in our lives. Shouldn’t we take it upon ourselves to understand why it’s offensive? Nobody wants to be made fun of.”

Baby Politician

Attending his first Dems meeting was six-month-old Fox Whitis, son of Stuart Whitis and Alexandra Knox. Stuart and baby Fox plan to actively volunteer and support HCDP’s communications efforts.

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