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An Open Letter to Trump Supporters

Dear Trump Supporters:

I was surprised not to hear celebratory fireworks Friday night when the partial government shutdown happened at midnight. I thought you’d be celebrating your boy keeping his promise, as he has kept so few.

What was that? It’s the fault of the Democrats? I thought he said on national television, in front of millions of people, that he would be proud to shut it down and not blame them for it. Do you think he (gasp!) lied? That would be unusual.

So how are your 401k’s doing? Oh, I’m sorry. Do you think it has anything to do with your boy’s reckless behavior since the mid-term elections? You know what he does as president has a huge impact on the stock market.

Some say this is the worst drop since the crash of 1987 with the worst December since the Great Depression. Really? You think it’s all part of a grand scheme and it will miraculously bounce back in January? Well, that’s good news.

And how are you spending the huge year-end bonus you got thanks to those tax cuts for the billionaires? Oh, you didn’t get a bonus? Or raise in salary? Do you think it’s because a record $1.1 trillion in stock buybacks took place this year?

Oh, I see, they aren’t related and besides, it’s all part of your boy’s “art of the deal” strategy. I read that strategy has bankrupted him more than once, but I’ll trust your judgement. I heard he has a big brain and he’s smarter than any other president in history.

What about Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ resignation this week? Wasn’t that a great letter? No? A man with over 40 years of military service working under Presidents Bush and Obama, who trusted his judgement, should have stayed on and just done what he was told by a draft dodger with no political or foreign policy experience? Well, handing that letter to your boy showed who was the real patriot in the room (hint: it wasn’t your boy).

For people who are so terrified of illegal aliens flooding across the border, you seem very nonchalant about our national security, except of course if it involves Hillary Clinton’s email server. I bet you love the pull out of our troops from Syria, too. So that’s another promise your boy has fulfilled.

He says he is doing it because ISIS is defeated there. Don’t you think it has more to do with the phone call he had with the Turkish president right before his announcement? The same president who can’t wait to go in and start killing the Kurds.

Now your boy is pulling troops out of Afghanistan. Do you think that’s related to Russian President Putin telling him on national television that he should pull out there, too? I’m sure you’re right, they are both just coincidences.

Well one good thing has come out of this week. Your boy’s handler in Moscow is rejoicing over all the chaos going on in America right now. After all, it was his dream and now it’s come true. Mr. Putin is having a very Merry Christmas, indeed. And isn’t that what the 2016 election was all about?

All the best for 2019. Can’t wait for the Democrats to get control of the House next month. Bring on 2020!


Susan Hutchinson worked for many years for a clinical diagnostics company. Tired of working for a corporation more concerned about shareholder profits than its employees, she retired two years ago.

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