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Don’t Delay! SHORE Fundraising Dinner Deadline Sept. 19

The countdown is on for the eighth annual SHORE Dinner, one of HCDP’s major fundraising events of the year, will be held September 28, 6-10 p.m., at the Bay Watch Resort and Conference Center. Deadline for making reservations and submitting payment is Thursday, Sept. 19. So, don’t delay!

“This year’s SHORE Dinner, which celebrates and honors all those who work so hard to help elect Democratic candidates, promises to be extra exciting this year as we head into the 2020 election campaign,” said Barbara Hake, HCDP vice chair and fundraising chair.

To register for the SHORE Dinner, please visit ActBlue here. Tickets are $85 plus a $3.50 service fee charge for using ActBlue. A table for eight is $680 plus a $27.00 service fee. Payments must be made in advance as cash cannot be accepted at the door. Attendees who wish to pay by check should contact Nancy Anderson at votedems@sccoast.net or call (843)340-1595.

Those who have asked Anderson or other HCDP representatives to “save them a seat”, need to purchase their reservations now.

In addition, contributions to help provide free tickets to Young Democrats are still needed. To make such a contribution, please visit ActBlue and indicate that is the purpose for the payment, or contact Anderson.

Finally, don’t forget to bring checks or cash for silent auction prizes. Many wonderful prizes have been donated by HCDP supporters and area businesses, so don’t miss out on this opportunity. But HCDP cannot accept credit cards for these items.

The dinner will be a buffet. For a Vegan or Sugar free meal or if you have allergies, please note that in the Notes section in the registration form. To sit with a particular group of people please indicate in the Notes section which group you want to sit with. If you are purchasing a table, HCDP will send you an email requesting the names and meal/seating preference of your other guests.

Preparing for 2020

The SHORE Dinner is one of HCDP’s major fundraising events of the year and is especially important as we head into the 2020 election, which HCDP Chair Don Kohn describes as “the most consequential election of our lifetime, perhaps even in the history of our nation.”

Proceeds from the dinner will help fund HCDP’s 2020 marketing campaign, ‘Take a Stand,’ which will be used for our advertising, marketing, voter registration, candidate support and additional fundraising initiatives.

“We believe that ‘Take a Stand’ concisely and effectively expresses exactly what Horry County Democrats and those who support our principles and views must do if we are to achieve success in the upcoming critically important local, county, state and national election,” Kohn said.

“To quote President Obama, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. We must unite into a coalition that will rise up to fight the menace that is Donald J. Trump and his lackies like Rep. Tom Rice and Sen. Lindsey Graham,” Kohn said.

“Any one of our Democratic presidential candidates would be a vast improvement over the despicable con man who currently occupies the Oval Office. When the primary election is over, we must unite behind our nominee and do everything humanly possible to win that election.

“We also must retain the House of Representatives and strengthen our majority there, sending Tom Rice packing, take control of the Senate and defeat Lindsey Graham.”

A primary objective through the election is to register as many Democratic voters as possible, and then make certain that those voters actually cast their ballots on election day.

“One big way that we can ‘Take a Stand,’” Kohn stressed, is to register ourselves, register our friends and neighbors, and then to vote for the candidates of our choice. Another way is to support HCDP’s fundraising initiatives, including our SHORE Dinner.”

Questions, please email votedems@sccoast.net or call (843)340-1595.

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