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It’s Time to Act

by Bennie Swans.

Building for SuccessOn March 24, every Horry County Democrat who cares about the direction in which our country is headed has an opportunity to step up and help make the changes in political leadership that are needed.

This opportunity comes at the Academy for Technology and Arts near Conway when Democrats from all 122 precincts in Horry County will join together to elect officers and where you, as a concerned citizen, can get involved. The process is called Precinct Reorganization, but simply put it’s a time when we put our talents together to build upon the momentum for change that is building all across our region, our state and our nation.

It is a call to action for all people concerned about democracy, about civil rights, about the Dreamers, about your youth and our elderly. Every day the news gets worse as Trump and his Republican supporters continue their assault on the many advances made under President Obama.

We Democrats are on the right side of these issues.

We want to find sensible solutions to the horrible incidents caused by the uncontrolled sale of firearms, particularly assault weapons of mass destruction.

We believe all Americans should have access to affordable high-quality health care and not be thrown to the wolves by those who simply want to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

We are determined to protect Medicare, Medicaid, veterans’ health care, health care for children and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program from assault by those who believe cuts are needed to fund the recent tax giveaway to the wealthy and corporations.

We are committed to protecting our environment, including our coastal environment, from the ravages of offshore drilling and a refusal by those in power to accept scientific evidence regarding the dangers of climate change.

We support initiatives that will help spur economic development and growth that will provide new opportunity and real jobs for our people, whether high school graduate or PhD.

We will fight for the right of every person to be treated equally, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age or any other category you can think of. Fairness in the workplace, respect, equal treatment is what we must strive for every day. There should be no need for the Me Too or Black Lives Matter movements in this country. We are all in this together and we, as Democrats, will continue to work to make this a reality.

At Precinct Reorganization, Horry County Democrats will organize for 2018, keeping mind all of these principles to which we are committed. Collectively, we can make a difference in our society, and you are invited to join us. Every Democratic voter is eligible to be a precinct officer in the precinct where they are registered.

It’s a great way to be part of the blue tsumani that is rapidly building. It all begins here!

To learn more about what exactly happens at precinct reorganization, please click here. We hope you will join us March 24 as we plan for success in 2018.

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