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Keep Riding on a Penny? Referendum Question on Nov. 8 Ballot

A referendum on the November 8 ballot asks Horry County voters to approve (vote yes) or disapprove (vote no) a one-percent sales tax to fund road improvements within the county for the next eight years.

The program, known as Ride 3, is essentially an extension of the “Ride on a Penny” sales tax used to fund previous roads projects under Ride 1 (2007-2014) and Ride 2 (ended 2015). “Ride” stands for Road Improvement Development Effort.

While the Horry County Democratic Party does not have an official position on the referendum, HCDP Chair Bennie Swans recently appeared with his Republican counterpart Robert Rabon on WPDE-TV Carolina This Week with Tim McGinnis, where each voiced his personal support for Ride 3. Bennie pointed to Hurricane Matthew as highlighting more than ever the need for upgraded and additional highway infrastructure.

According to the Horry County Council website:

“If passed by the voters, the sales tax will go into effect May 1, 2017 and will be a 1% Sales Tax on all retail sales, prepared food/beverage and accommodations. Groceries (unprepared food) would be exempt from the sales tax. The sales tax would remain in effect for eight years or April 30, 2025. The eight year projection revenues from the 1% Sales Tax is $592 million.”

Learn more here, including a map and complete list of Ride 3 projects.

Read the entire question as it appears on the ballot: 2016-ride3-ballot-question.


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