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Meet Ernest Carson, Dem Candidate for SC House District 68

Ernest Carson, the Democratic candidate for the South Carolina House of Representatives, District 68, is a man of long experience who brings fresh approaches to solving the problems that affect our communities.

“Wake up, Everybody” is his campaign slogan, and he means it. He says it’s the duty of all citizens to serve their communities, and that’s why he’s stepping up to seek election to the SC House.

In fact, Carson advocates taking advantage of the energy, determination, and imagination of our young people.

“Get it to the kids and let them figure it out,” he says. “Coastal Carolina has some great students there. They’re smart, energetic, and they got a brain that’s wide open. Let’s use those people. Let’s use those smart people to get the rest of us outta trouble.”

Carson says children in early grades should automatically be taught a foreign language. “Why is it that we’re the only nation in the world that only speaks one language?” he asks. “Let’s try something different.”

Blasting Republicans for constantly criticizing, Carson asks “What is their plan?” He challenges his opponent to show up and debate. “I give you my ideas on education and on infrastructure and on the environment,” he says. “What is yours?”

Carson is a Vietnam War-era US Army veteran, education, youth corrections officer, and a former union leader. He’s lived a life full of service to his community, and he’s not done yet.

In this special South Carolina edition of the Lean to the Left podcast, Carson talks about the need for a fully-funded public education system, affordable healthcare, political accountability, and more.

Listen to “Ernest Carson for SC House 68” on Spreaker.

Here are some questions covered during the interview:

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background, and why you decided to run for the District 68 seat in the South Carolina State House of Representatives.
  1. You are an Army veteran…are there special concerns of veterans that you want to address if you’re elected…like healthcare, for example?
  2. Back in your home state of New Jersey, you worked in education…specifically community education. Your platform says everyone should have access to a full funded public education system. What do you think needs to be improved in public education in South Carolina?
  1. The current governor and the state legislature are taking actions that restrict many of our cherished freedoms that are so important…the freedom of women with respect to reproductive health…the freedom to vote without unreasonable restrictions…for example. Our Democratic candidate for governor, Joe Cunningham, says “Freedom is on the Ballot.” Do you agree?
  1. In your campaign, you stress that the legislative seat you are running for does not belong to the politician, but the people. And you tell people to let you know what they want you to do and you’ll make it happen. How do you plan to do that?
  1. But are there limitations? What if you get a couple emails from people saying to oppose expanding Medicaid benefits, or to ban abortions?
  1. When it’s all said and done, why did you decide to run? Why do you want to be the state representative for your district?

»Click here to visit Ernest Carson’s website

The above article was originally published by Bob Gatty on his Lean to the Left blog site. Bob is co-chair of the HCDP Communications Committee.
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