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Plastic Bags, Stop the Litter

Start to notice the plastic bags. They’re in the trees.
They’re on the ground.
They litter our streets. They blow on our beaches.
They fill up our landfills and never leave.
They’re here forever and ever unless…
WE stop.

Stop Using, Stop Buying. Stop ignoring the facts.
Start becoming aware. Look up at the branches.
You’ll see the bags stuck up there.
Blowing in the breeze.
Look in the streets.
You’ll see the bags lying on the ground.
Take a walk in the park. Take a walk on the beach.

You’ll see the bags left behind.
They don’t have to be used. There are other choices.
Your children will thank you and
their children will be glad.
You can save the planet one step at a time.
Share with your friends… Help spread the word.
Say No to plastic.

Say yes, to the Earth!

–Cathy Tourloukis

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