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Sen. Dick Elliott Memorial Golf Outing: A Resounding Success

HCDP was pleased to welcome 122 golfers and many friends and supporters to the first-ever Senator Dick Elliott Memorial Golf Outing at Wild Wing’s Avocet Course, Conway, Saturday, June 30.

“We chose to dedicate this event to Senator Elliott because of the tremendous amount of respect that we all have for him,” said HCDP Chairman Don Kohn. “Senator Elliott made a real difference in the lives of the people of South Carolina.”

Elliott’s son, Rick, said his father would be “thrilled and humbled” at the big turnout. “I see many friends and I see many new friends today,” he said. “I say thank you. My dad never asked if you were a Republican or a Democrat. He just helped. My dad just saw friends.”

“Golf has a way of bringing people together and golf is the great communicator in many ways,” Elliott said in an interview before golfers headed out to the golf course. “It allows us to have good conversations and relationships to be built and to build upon existing relationships. That is positive for our community.

“This event in memory of my dad is an honor and very much appreciated and we are delighted as a family to support HCDP and the local businesses and citizens that have put together this event. It is truly awesome. I am amazed at the people who have turned out and the diversity that is represented. This event is a microcosm of our community and our party. Everyone is welcome. Our door is open.”

Asked why he chose to participate in the event, golfer Whitney Hughes said he wanted to support Sen. Elliott and his family. “He did a lot for our area,” said Hughes. “I just wanted to be here.”

Joining HCDP in hosting the Outing were Elliott Realty and Eagle Nest Golf Club. Barbara Eisenhardt, who chaired HCDP’s golf outing committee, expressed appreciation to Elliott and his companies for their dedication and strong support, which she said was crucial to the success of the event.

“We cannot adequately thank the Elliott family for their constant and continuing support to HCDP,” Barbara Hake, HCDP 1st vice chair told the team of volunteers who put the event together. “What we can and will do is continue to honor Dick Elliott and the Elliott family, and be the party that would still make him proud of our efforts. Today we took a huge step to firm up that resolve and I am bursting with pride for everything that you/we have achieved. Many memories were made today, and you were the dream makers!”

A Great Day

“It’s been a pleasure to help organize the first inaugural Senator Dick Elliott Memorial Golf Outing. I can’t tell you how pleased I am at the turnout,” said Eisenhart. “So many people are here and it’s going to be a wonderful event. I look forward to next year!”

The sold-out event (there was a waiting list of some 30 golfers) by all accounts was a terrific success. One after the other, participants expressed their appreciation and asked about what is planned for next year.

John Daingerfield, who with his wife, Mary Ann, was the guest of David and Carmen Higham, said he was there to support HCDP in its efforts.

“I will do everything I can to turn South Carolina blue,” he said. “I’m a liberal Democrat and just wanted to support HCDP. We are facing a real crisis in this country.”

Golfer Ron Andrews said he was there to support efforts to help people, especially children. “The biggest thing for me is the children,” he said. “My grandson is a special needs child and people support him.” HCDP Democrats stand for supporting programs to benefit children, especially to improve education, health and nutrition.

Said golfer Greg Warriner, “Today is a day of Fellowship at Wild Wing Golf Course.”

“I am out to have fun! We don’t expect to come in first place,” commented golfer Theresa Falke as she waited in her golf cart just before tee time.

For Cathy Milliren, it was birthday celebration time with her friend Theresa Falke and her husband and son. “Our good friend is Barbara Eisenhart, and when she asked us, we said yes,” Milliren explained.

“You mean when she ramrodded us so we’d be here!” cracked Falke.

A team of more than two dozen volunteers worked tirelessly over the past several months to prepare and execute the event.

Early morning volunteer Sally Hattig said, “I’m glad I am here to help with the golf outing and to support the Horry County Democratic Party.”

“It’s wonderful to see so many volunteers up at this early hour to help with this inaugural fundraiser at Wild Wing Avocet course,” said volunteer Cathy Tourloukis.

Special guest speaker was Mandy Powers Norell, lieutenant governor running mate with Democratic gubernatorial nominee James Smith.

“Dick Elliott was a true statesman,” she said before discussing Smith, a veteran who after the 9/11 tragedy resigned his commission as an officer in the South Carolina National Guard at age 37 to serve on active duty as an infantry man.

“He has seen some real battles in both combat and the legislature,” said Norell. “He’s respected on both sides of the aisle. I’m looking forward to the time when we can do wonderful things for South Carolina.”

Norell spoke at the awards dinner that followed golf, where prizes were presented to winning golfers; a 50-50 drawing was held along with a special drawing by Golf Teeshare.

Much excitement was generated as golfers approached the 12th hole, where a black 2019 Corvette awaited the first lucky golfer to hit a hole-in-one. Several came close to the pin, but none succeeded. The car was provided by Myrtle Beach Chevrolet Cadillac and was made possible by Anderson Insurance, LLC.

Special thanks to the many companies, organizations and individuals that provided financial support through sponsorships. Bronze sponsors were Batteries + Bulbs, North Myrtle Beach, Clyburn for Congress, and SC Sen. Kent Williams. Babb Custom Homes and Krispy Kreme were breakfast sponsors.

In addition, there were 36 hole sponsors and 48 companies and individuals provided prizes for participating golfers.

10% of profits will be provided to the our local Veterans Independence Project (VIP) – we’ll have a presentation soon!

To view the complete photo album from the Outing, please visit https://flic.kr/s/aHsmkFiXz8.

For a slide show of the event, please visit: https://youtu.be/MVW_2iHm_Ow


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